Weight Loss Goals

Monday, January 31, 2011

Wake up time: 9am, but dozed on and off until 10am.

10:40am- Breakfast. 1 cup (serving) of Kashi Go lean crunch cereal w/ almond milk & half a banana. + A big glass of water, and water/green tea pills.

12:30pm- Work out. 20 squats, 50 crunches and 30 mins of Hip Hop Abs "Fat Burning Cardio".

And, just for the record, I was totally not motivated to work out today. I was sleepy. I got the kids I'm babysitting to lay down for a nap and instead of taking the time to nap, I worked out. I sprained my ankle Friday night, so Saturday and Sunday were just really lazy days. I mean, I went driving around with friends, went to a park and beach for a little bit, swang on a swing, etc...so I got a little exercise those days but not much!

2:30pm- Lunch. Half a grilled boneless/skinless chicken breast and a side salad with half a serving of ranch dressing.  

5:30pm Snack. 4 strawberries and about a handful of dry roasted, lightly salted (bleh) peanuts.

8:10pm- Dinner. Chicken Enchilada Paillard w/ a side salad (w/ a little avocado and olive oil/vinegar dressing).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wake up time: 12:00pm

1:00pm- Lunch.  French Vanilla slimfast shake + Green tea pill.

6:00pm- Dinner. A small amount of chicken and rice, with a side of corn/bacon/pepper mix.

Well I had a busy day yesterday and had no time to get on and post anything, but literally all I had to eat yesterday was 2 salads and one rib. I didn't work out because I sprained my ankle. Not sure I will be able to work out today either but I am definitely going to try.

The rib I ate around 2pm, the subway grilled chicken salad was at about 6pm and the "side salad" was at like 3am. I drank water, other than the 5 or so beers I had to drink last night.

I didn't have anything to eat after lunch Friday and up until about 2pm when I had that ONE piece of rib. I really wasn't all that hungry though, for whatever reason, and I'm still not. I will try to eat normally today though. :P

On the bright side, I have a friend who hadn't seem me in a week or week in a half. She (supposedly) noticed I've gotten smaller, and that I am getting more "shapely" as she says. I hope so! I'm not working out for nothin. :D

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wake up time: 10:20am

11:35am- Breakfast. Scrambled eggs and 2 small breakfast turkey sausage patties. (+ green tea and water pills.
will continue taking the green tea pills at least til I'm out which is next week. Thinking about trying stackers 3.)

12:45pm- Workout. 20 squats, 50 crunches, and 30 mins of Hip Hop Abs "Fat Burning Cardio".

3:25pm- Lunch. 3 Pieces of Mrs. Dash Fiesta chicken Drummettes and about 8 pieces of grilled zucchini.    (Grrr, I forgot to get a picture of this! Check out the website to see it.)

5:19pm- Went to the convenient store to see if they had some Stackers 3. I got a 4-pack. Also Grabbed a Vitamin Water XXX (Acai-blueberry-pomegranate) Unfortunately it's got 13g of carbs and 13g of sugars. I figure the sugars are mostly natural. But whatever! If this is my way of "cheating" it's not a biggie! Lol.  -Only drank HALF today.-

5:45 - 6:00pm- Went walking around the block. Would have walked longer but I had my niece's with my and they had to be home by 6 for Tae Kwon Do. Did some arm-punch exercises while walking for the last few minutes, wow! I'll have to do that more often. I felt like a fool but I really felt the burn in my arms.

Dinner. None, but had 3 apple smirnoff's, 3 shots of chocolate vodka and 3 shots of Hot Damn,

I felt great today after my work out. I was strangely more energetic than usual, like ALL day I was hyper and wanted to do something.
Btw, my current pants seem to be a little loose, they weren't extremely "tight" before but definitely snug. I've caught myself pulling them up numerous times today. :)

A little bit of relief

Well, as you all know, I weighed this morning and was discouraged to find out that I only lost 2 pounds.

However, I started my period yesterday. I have been taking water weight pills every day for a week, so I didn't think it would affect me that much.

But I looked up this forum and apparently it's quite normal to have a 2-6lb weight gain a couple of days before your period, and can last up until a couple of days after! This gives me some hope again! Yay!

I'm just praying that I put on a couple of period pounds (sorry, guys!) and they'll go away by next weigh-in and I can see some better results. :D 

Also, I looked up a few pages of reviews for Stackers 3 and am seriously considering giving them a try. My friend takes and has lost weight on them, and I have taken stackers 2 for a short period of time in the past. It wouldn't hurt to try something else!

I'm sure most of you would say that I don't need weight-loss pills and that is probably very true, but I'm still working out and eating better, so I figure a little boost wouldn't hurt. :)

Will be posting my food/exercise log later, just figured I would share what I learned today, and it made me feel much better.

Weekly Weigh-In

Unfortunately, I only lost 2 pounds this week. I know, I know! 2 pounds is better than no pounds and much better than gaining them. It's also my TOM so I'll see if that played a part when I weigh next week. I went through my log from last week to see what I had done to have lost 4 pounds last weigh-in; I think I figured it out! I didn't exercise AT ALL last week, I just ate better. So, while I was still losing weight from the way I was eating, I wasn't gaining muscle from working out. So, I'm starting to think I am just gaining muscle in place of fat so I need to stop worrying. I've either walked for an hour or worked out pretty much every day this week, so that is probably it.

My friend is now telling me that you can't gain 2lb of muscle that fast, so there is no way that I'm just gaining muscle in place of fat. I don't know! What do you guys think? It's truly discouraging, and the thought that it might be muscle was pretty nice... now he's telling me this. I just don't understand how the 2 weeks that I busted my butt working out I only lost 2 pounds and the one week I didn't do any exercise at all, I lost 4! I think I will start portioning my meals a little better.

My sister is also telling me today that I look smaller (I've been gone for 4 days so she hasn't seen me since Sunday night) so it must be muscle or that I probably just need to take my measurements. Measurements come next Friday.

I'm going to stick with it, but I just feel really discouraged, unmotivated and blah today. Of course I won't go crazy and just eat like a lunatic, but I can't help but to feel that all of my efforts aren't paying off.

I know it's possible to lose a pound a day, or at least 5lb a week... And I've only lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks time!

If someone could give me some advice, that would be wonderful. I need it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wake up time: 10:00am (Actually 8:30 then went back to sleep from 9 to 10)

10:40- Breakfast. Bowl of Kashi "Go lean crunch" cereal w/ almond milk & about half a banana. + A big glass of water, my water pill (day 7) and my Green tea pill (1st pill, day 7)

12:10pm- Workout. 20 squats, 50 crunches, leg and arm stretches and 30 minutes of hip hop abs "Ab Sculpt". (Wow, that ab sculpt was pretty tough, but I got through it!)

1:35pm- Lunch. Leftover Ground Turkey & Potato Casserole http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/recipes.asp?category=1&recipe=18985 w/ Hummus.  

5:15pm- Snack. 8 baby carrots.

Around 8pm - Dinner. Dimmasi's Meditteranian Restuarant.
Yeah, I told myself I wouldn't go there but I was really good. I had mostly salad & cabbage, 2 pieces of this mustard chicken stuff, 1 baked tilapia and a small amount of shredded lamb. And hummus! + Got some hummus to go. :) (Plus my last green tea pill of the day.)

So, I've been on my water weight and mega-t green tea pills exactly one week today. Tomorrow morning is weigh day! I'm nervous. I would be a little more excited about it but my TOM came last night, so I'm afraid it might effect the scale. I have been taking the water pills for a week though, so maybe TOM won't effect me much, if any. I think I've been eating pretty well, and the last 3 days been doing the work out video (which I'm going to continue to do, but might switch up weekly with the 30 day shred video) for 30 mins a day. Tomorrow = weigh in. Next Friday = Weigh in + Measurements!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wake up time: 9:30am

10:45am- Breakfast. 2 Eggs, scrambled with turkey sausage and a small tomato, served with 2 slices of turkey bacon. +Water pill and Mega-T green tea pill.
12:10pm- 20 squats, 50 crunches and 30 minutes of Hip Hop Abs "Fat Burning Cardio".

2:30pm- Lunch. A salad with olive oil/vinegar dressing and tomatoes.

5:30pm- Snack. 8 mini carrots dipped in hummus.

7:30pm- Dinner. Ground turkey and potato casserole w/ hummus [not shown in pic]. + green tea pill.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pictures. The worst part.


I wasn't going to post pictures here.
At least, not until I made some progress to kinda have some before/after pics.

Basically, so I wouldn't feel so ashamed at the fact that I look like this NOW.

If I'm going to trust you to follow me on my journey to weight loss, then I should be able to post pictures of myself and not be ashamed. There are, however, 2 pictures that I do plan on using as before/after pics, and I'm not posting them yet for that purpose. Plus I look like a hot mess in them!

The pictures where I have pink hair are from my birthday in August 2010 and the others are from December 2010.


January 2, 2011

February  2, 2011

                                                                        March 22, 2011
                                       (will update when I can have someone else take the pics)

Exactly 3 weeks of blogging

Wake up time: 9:30am

10:30am-  Breakfast. A bowl (serving size) of Kashi "go lean crunch" cereal w/ almond milk. + water/green tea pills.

11:10- 20 squats.

12:00pm- 30 minute "fat burning cardio" hip hop abs workout, then a shower!

1:15pm- Snack. A can of sardines in mustard sauce.
( I should be having lunch, but after that work out, I don't have much of an appetite. :) )

3:00pm- Snack. One Banana.

6:00pm- 20 squats, and arm lifts at the same time.
(When I went down into a squat, I lifted my arms into the air, and when I stood back straight, I put them down again. Repeat x 20)

7:40pm- Dinner. Beef roast w/ beef, broccoli and onions. + 4 raw carrots.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wake up time: 10:00am

11:05am- Breakfast. 2 Eggs, scrambled with a little smoked turkey sausage and a small cut up tomato, served with 2 pieces of turkey bacon.  + water pill and green tea pill.

3:45pm- Lunch. Baked [salmon] fish seasoned with fresh lime juice and mrs. dash original blend seasoning, served with a salad (with ranch) and half an avocado, seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash original blend also. Also having a vanilla coke zero, 

4:25pm- 20 squats.

6:50pm- Snack.  Less than half of a banana.

8:30pm- Dinner. A bowl and a half of some chicken stir fry stuff.

Around 10pm- 10 squats.

(This week and last week from Sunday night through Thursday night I haven't been home. I've been staying at a friend's to babysit his kids, so I've gotten absolutely no working out done here, even though he's on a diet too and we keep trying to make plans to work out at his gym 3x a week. It's been flukes! So, tomorrow while the kids are napping or doing their thing, I'm gonna try to turn on some "hip hop abs" and at least do that. And today I did 30 squats through-out the day, just to try to get some form of exercise.)

Update on how I'm doing and feeling

So, I've been posting food/exercise blogs for the last couple of weeks, so I figured it was time I write a little bit about how I'm doing and feeling.

I have been eating healthier now for about 22 days. I thought this was going to be harder than it is, because it always was in the past. I don't know if it's just my pure MOTIVATION to just DO THIS this time, or because of the fact that I truly am enjoying what I'm eating, but I'm not miserable at all. I'm more energetic and happy, already.
In 2 weeks I've lost 6 pounds and 3 inches off my waist.

I weigh every Friday and take measurements every other Friday. I'm always nervous but excited to see what progress I have made each Friday. The first week, I was discouraged to look at the scale and see that I only lost 2 pounds for the week. I was busting my butt the entire week! The second week I lost 4 pounds...That's more like it! (Update: I seem to be maintained about 2lb per week loss. Hoping to figure out what else needs to be done to try to make that 3 or 4.)

The other day, I went blog searching and followed a bunch of new people. I just want you all to know, I am watching you because you INSPIRE me. I need all of the motivation I can get, and you guys give it to me. Just knowing there are other people out there who are struggling with weight, and finally doing something about it, keeps me going. Especially those of you who have lost so much weight and are still losing weight, sticking to this and being strong! I'm proud of you! It just makes me excited to know that in a few months, maybe that WILL be me!

I hope you join my journey, as well. I need all of the motivation and encouragement I can get. Also, advice is something I wouldn't pass up on.  I know there are a lot of people who know, better than me, what they are doing and what it takes to learn how to eat healthy and stick to it.

So far, I haven't been craving any gross, disgusting greasy or sweet foods; although, since I can remember, I've been a sweet freak!

Just a reminder of what my diet consists of:

-No salt
-No unnatural sugars
-No Breads/Pasta's
-No Caffeine
-No fried foods
-Little to NO processed foods.
-Little to NO dairy (I had originally cut dairy out completely, but I do allow myself to have some cheese every now and then.)
-White meats over dark meat. I've been eating ground turkey, fish or chicken daily. I RARELY have beef, pork, or any other "dark" or "red" meat.
-Water, water and more water.

And, if you are like me and just always thought about losing weight but said "Oh, maybe Monday" and that Monday always turned into the next Monday. Start now! Why start something later you can start now? It's better to get rid of the weight now than to keep eating junk and packing the pounds on. :)

Join me on my journey!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wake up time: 11:45am

12:30pm- 50 count on the ab rocket.

12:50pm- Breakfast/Lunch. 2 eggs, scrambled, and half an avocado squirted w/ lime and seasoned with Mrs. Dash table blend. + Took water pill and mega-t green tea pill.

3:30pm- Snack. Handful of peanuts.

5:00pm to 6:00pm - Got in a nice hour walk (so, a couple of miles?) around the block. Tried doing the stomach suck-in method for most of the time, after I thought about it.

6:40pm- Dinner. Grilled Turkey cutluts, marinaded in mrs. dash marinade, served with baked asparagus (squirted with lemon and sprinkled with Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning) and avocados squirted with lemon and sprinkled with Mrs. Dash table blend seasoning. + Mega-T green tea pill.

8:00pm- 50 count on the ab rocket.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wake up time: 10:30am

11:45am- Lunch.  I was at the mall and everybody was hungry and wanted to go to the food court - Instead of getting chinese food, pizza or a subway sandwich, I got a subway salad with grilled chicken and fat free ranch. :) I feel good about that decision! Also took a Green Tea pill and a water pill.

4:25pm- Snack. Handful of unsalted peanuts.

4:50- 50 count on the ab rocket.

8:30pm- Dinner. 2 ground turkey taco's. One on a lettuce leaf and one on a whole wheat low carb flour tortilla. + A Green Tea pill.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wake up time: 9:45am

11:35- Late Breakfast. Was in a hurry and running out the door, so I grabbed a Cappuccino Delight slim fast.

3:20pm- Late Lunch.  3 Baked Meatballs and 8 boiled brussel sprouts. (Also took a water pill and a Mega-T Green Tea pill)

5:10pm to 5:40pm  - Went walking around the block. I've felt so out of the loop; I hadn't worked out in days since I've been staying at my friend's house to babysit his kids.

9:00pm- Dinner. Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts served with slices of seasoned (lime and mrs. dash) avacodo and tomato. + Took 2nd Mega-T Green Tea pill.

12:00am- Watched Food, Inc movie. Quite an emotional film, really. You learn first hand about the treatment of our animals in making food and the processing & genetics involved and everything. It definitely makes me want to buy more organic foods, and pay more attention to the things I eat.

I'm pretty excited to announce that I lost 4 pounds this week! I would loved to have lost 5-7 but 4 is much better than the 2 I lost last week! And this is with going to a Mediterranean buffet 2 nights this week (Totally shouldn't have and won't do that ever again, but I was pretty good while I was there. No bread, no rice, no sweets and nothing fried.)    I cut oatmeal and smoothies out of my diet, and allowed a little dairy back in.   I also lost 3 and a half inches off my stomach in the last 2 weeks. :)

Also! This was my first day of taking The Mega-T Green Tea pill, but it gave me a TON of energy. I was really motivated to get up and do things after taking them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wake up time: 9:45am

10:50am- Breakfast. Bowl [serving size] of Kashi go lean crunch cereal w/ half a banana & almond milk.

2:00pm- Lunch. Turkey patty, cooked like a hamburger patty. Served with a salad (with ranch) and half an avacado, cut up. Squirted with lime and seasoned with Mrs. Dash original blend seasoning. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

8:00pm- Dinner. Dimassi's Mediterrannean Restaurant. Had a little salad, some grilled chicken, baked fish, okra, a little shredded lamb and some Hummus.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wake up time: 10:25am

12:05pm- Late Breakfast. A bowl of Kashi go lean crunch cereal with unsweetened almond milk.

3:40pm- Late Lunch. Turkey patty baked in foil in the oven with mini carrots and some eggplant.

7:25pm- Dinner. Baked chicken breasts served with avacado's and tomatoes.

**Also, if I state other wise, we'll just assume I'm drinking water. I usually have at least 6 glasses of water through-out a day. Every time I run out, I fill my glass back up.**

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wake up time: About 8:45am

11:05am- Breakfast. Scrambled eggs seasoned with garlic powder and pepper, 2 slices of turkey bacon and a small glass of unsweetened almond milk.

2:50pm- Lunch. Leftover [4] baked meatballs, with 6 baby carrots and hummus to dip the carrots and meatballs in.  

4:25pm- Snack. One banana.

8:00pm- Dinner. Broccoli and cheese stuffed boneless chicken breast w/ baked asparagus and a side salad w/ ranch.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wake up time: 9:45am

11:00am- Breakfast. A serving size of Kashi "go lean crunch" cereal with almond milk.

2:20pm- Lunch. 4 Baked ground turkey meatballs. I didn't have any bread crumbs so I substituted some crushed up whole grain goldfish. Also had a diet big red.

6:30pm- Snack. 10 whole grain goldfish crackers.

8:20pm- Dinner. Went to a Mediterranean buffet. I started out with a salad, and then got mostly meat, except for the okra. I also had 4 roasted potato pieces. I ate a plate of meat, it was delicious, but I hope it wasn't too bad for me! Also had hummus and got some to go, and drank water while there.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wake up time: 1:45pm (lol, drank last night!)

2:20pm- Lunch. A bowl of honey and oat blenders cereal w/ almond milk. 

9pm- Dinner. A t-bone steak with a mixture of sauteed eggplant, tomato and onion.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wake up time: Around 8:00am.

About 9:30am- Breakfast. Scrambled eggs with squash, zucchini and onion.

3:30pm- Lunch. A turkey patty, baked in the oven in foil with baby carrots and onion. I only had about 2 carrots before I accidently dropped them off my plate. -_-

Around 8pm- Dinner. Grilled shrimp and scallopes with boiled brussel sprouts and a side salad w/ a little low-fat ranch.

11pm+ Had a few vodka and diet dr.pepper + 2 grape smirnoff.

1:15am- Ending this and going to hang out with my sis, but going to bed soon. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wake up time: 12:40pm

1:00pm- Breakfast/Lunch.  Half cup of oatmeal with pure honey and a whole banana cut up into it. Only ate about half of this.

3:40pm- Snack. Can of tuna with a little mustard and a serving size of garden herb triscuits.

9:25pm- Dinner. Low carb eggplant parmesan with a side salad w/ lowfat ranch.

11:36pm- Laying down for bed. :)

I'm a little discouraged today. I only lost 2 pounds this week and i've been working my ass off. It's possible that I gained muscle in place of fat, but my sister [Who is doing the Atkins Diet] is working out with me and she still lost 6 pounds. I do have to say that I think I push myself farther when working out than she does, and I was using the ab rocket days before we both started working out together. I'm not going to let this stop me, though. But, from today forward, I'm cutting out oatmeal and any kind of smoothie from my diet. We'll be taking measurments next week...so I'm hoping the outcome of that is a little more exciting! Also hope to have lost more weight next week.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wake up time: 10:45am

12:43pm- Lunch. French Vanilla Slim Fast. 

3:50pm- Snack. A little left over Low Carb Enchilada Chicken Paillard and water.

4:45pm- Got in about a 30 minute work out to the Clubland Work it Out Dvd.

7:05pm- 50 count on the ab rocket.

8:00pm- Dinner. Mrs. Dash Fiesta Chicken Drummettes and grilled zucchini.

3:45am- Going to sleep! I went to a bar but drank water the entire night. I'm proud of myself. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12th - Seventh day of Logging Meals and Exercise -

Wake up time: 10:10am

11:00am- Breakfast. A very berry fruit smoothie, made with 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt & a cup of frozen mixed berries [raspberries, blackberries, strawberries] and a glass of grapefruit juice.

2:30pm- Lunch.  2 Steak fajita lettuce wraps w/ avocado.

4:30 to 5:30pm- Worked out in the gym for 45 minutes and then walked for the remaining 15 mins.

6:15pm- Snack. A little "trial mix" I made up with unsalted peanuts, dried banana's and craisins.

7:40pm- Dinner. 2 taco's made with taco seasoned ground turkey. I wrapped mine in lettuce leafs instead of using taco shells, and put a little avocado in each.

8:30pm- Spent 10-15 minutes doing the warm up and some of the 2nd part of the Clubland Work it Out Dvd. I didn't finish it because I was only checking the DVD out, me and my niece's just started to mess around and do it, but it is TIRING and you really feel it!

11:11pm- Gonna try to sleep. :D

P.S. The ticker at the bottom of my page is how many pounds, total, I would LIKE to lose. I will weigh-in once a week [on Friday's] and post my progress, if there is any. *crosses fingers*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wake up time: 10:45am

2:40pm- Lunch. Low Carb Enchilada Chicken Paillard. This was actually delicious, though I can't have it often because of the cheddar and cream cheese. 3 Black olives and a cucumber salad as sides + 2 Glasses of water and a women's one a day.

About 4pm to 5:10pm - Went to the local community center, did the little stretch exercises they have, walked 3 laps around the track and then played tennis for the remaining time.

6:20pm- Snack. About half a cup of smoothie; made with almond milk, a banana, 2 spoons of reduced fat peanut butter and natural honey.

9:00pm- Dinner. Pineapple Chicken cooked in the crock pot for 3 ½ hours. Served over rice.

12:37am- Bedtime!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wake up time: 11:25am

12:09pm- Brunch. A serving size of oatmeal, sweetened with honey and half a cut up banana. + Took women's one-a-day pill.

3:20- Lunch. Leftover Ground Turkey & Potato Casserole from last night, and water. :)

5:30 to 6:00pm- Went to a gym and got in a good 30 min work out. Going to try to do this about 3 times a week.

7:30pm- Snack. 4 garden herb triscuits.

8:10pm- Dinner time! Grilled Tilapia fish, seasoned in some lemon juice and Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning, steamed broccoli and steamed garlic cauliflower.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wake up time:  1:50pm =[

2:30pm- A serving of honey & oat blenders cereal with almond milk. + Glass of water.

5:50pm- Did 30 jumps on the jump rope. Wow! I haven't jumped rope in years, and it was tiring!  Also did a 50 count on the ab rocket. Got a glass of water.

8:00pm- Made a deeelicous Ground Turkey & Potato Casserole. Substituted 3/4 cup almond milk mixed with 1/4 cup whipping cream in place of the nonfat milk. And yes, I had cheese. I figure having a little dairy every now and then isn't going to kill me and it's probably good for me. But this meal really was awesome. Maybe it's just because I was starving before I ate, but I even had to get a tiny bit more as 2nds. Also had a little salad with it, with fat-free ranch. + water

10:00pm- 50 count on the ab rocket.

12:00am- Going to lay down. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wake up time: 9:45am [WHOA!]

11:30am - Breakfast. A cup of fruit smoothie w/ low sugar orange juice, strawberries, banana's, pears, carrots, honey and a little almond milk. + Women's one a day pill.

12:00pm to 1:00pm - Went walking the block, explored some forrest.

1:30pm - Snack. A can of tuna w/ a little mustard and a serving (6) of garden herb triscuits.

2:45pm - Lunch. Grilled chicken that was marinated in a little italian dressing (yeah, im sure that wasn't very healthy - not my choice) a small salad with a tiny bit of ranch [gotta get something healthier - any suggestions?] and fresh steamed spinach w/ a glass of water.

5:15pm - Snack. A banana & a glass of water.

10pm-12amish - Had a 6 pack of grape smirnoff. This was a bad decision! But, it's Saturday, and I didn't eat dinner, so i'm not beating myself up over it.

1:15am - Going to lay down. :)

Third day of logging

Wake up time: 10:30am.

11:10am- A glass of water and half a cup of oatmeal, sweetened with one packet of "sweet thing", half a cut up banana and a tiny little bit of almond milk.

11:20am- Still eating oatmeal, took women's one a day pill.

12:00 to 1:30 - Spent about an hour or more walking around walmart. Does this count as walking? I think so!  :P

1:45pm- 50 count on the ab rocket.

1:55pm- The rest of my chicken from lunch yesterday. A small, thin piece and a serving size of unsalted peanuts. A glass of water. The chicken and peanuts is actually a good combo!

4:30pm- A little mix of dried banana's, unsalted peanutes & those cranberry crasisin things.

8:45pm- Taco's made with beef and taco seasoned ground turkey (just ground turkey next time.) Two on whole wheat tortilla's and one on a lettuce leaf. I'll be doing them only on lettuce leaf next time, because they were really good, and it's healthier... plus i'm trying to cut out all bread. Filled them with the meat, lettuce, tomatoes and avacado. Did NOT use the sour cream or cheese, i'm proud of myself! It was Delish!

9:45pm to 10:45pm - Went walking around the block for an hour.

11:00pm- It was far too late to eat, but I decided to make my sister, myself, my friend and my niece a little smoothie treat with reduced fat peanut butter, almond milk, bananas and honey. They also added a little whipping cream to thicken it because it was quite thin. I didn't like this because I'm not supposed to have dairy, but we had no other option of thickening it, and we only had about half a cup each.

11:40pm-  50 count on the ab rocket.

2:00am- BED! :P

I bought a scale earlier and will be tracking my weight every week from Saturday on. I'll post any weight loss or anything. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Second day of logging

Wake up time: About 10:30am. Yay!

11:00am- Took a women's one a day and drank some water.

I had to go with my sister to pick up my niece and take her to the dentist, so we hadn't got to eat.

1:15pm- Went to a mexican restaraunt, hadn't eaten all day and it was my only choice, was an hour away from home. So, I got a grilled chicken dish without the queso on top. Had some unsalted chips & salsa and a few rice and beans.

6:50pm- Made me a small glass of fruit smoothie and a glass of water.

8:40pm: Dinner and a glass of water! Grilled catfish nuggets seasoned in Mrs. Dash salt-free seasonings, with steamed carrots and a salad.

9:20pm: 50 count on the ab rocket. Another glass of water.

10:15pm: 50 crunches, leg stretches and another 50 count on the ab rocket.

11:35pm: Going to sleep before I start feeling too hungry. ;) G'night!

So, if anyone reads this, Does anybody know how well the Atkins diet works? My mom and sister are on that, but man, they can eat all kinds of crap that I just can't imagine anyone losing weight on. Yeah, I know, if you balance your meals and exercise blahblahblah, but they don't even exercise, unless I can force my sister to go walk with me. My mom was just having a snack of a cheese stick with ranch. Wtf? They can have cheese and eggs and bacon and salt and omelettes, and fried foods apparently without batter. I don't get it! I can't imagine eating that stuff and losing weight while doing it.

January 5th - First Day of Logging Meals and Exercise -

Wake up time: 12:00PM [Yeah, I've got to work on this, too!]

Got a glass of ice water first thing.

12:20pm - Took a women's one-a-day pill. I've been doing this more for the extra vitamin's and stuff rather than like a "diet" pill.

12:50pm - Thankfully, my mom and sister were cooking lunch, so it kind of became my breakfast. Hamburger meat and a cut up small red potato, seasoned with mrs.dash's salt-free seasonings and baked in the oven. Would also be eating sautéed squash and zuccini, but she cooked in butter. Blech! Also got another glass of water.

1:40pm - Did some arm and leg stretches, and then used the AB ROCKET to a 50 count.

2:20 to 3:00pm - Went walking around the block.

3:30pm - 1 cup of Homemade Fruit Smoothie [low sugar orange juice, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, pears and carrots]

6:35pm - Had a few unsalted peanuts and about 5 banana chips to tide me over while I get my dinner ready.

7:30pm - Dinner time. Grilled [on a george foreman grill] porkchops seasoned in mrs. dash salt-free seasonings, and a small salad with italian "sprizter" dressing, and a glass of water.


10:15pm - Had a few more unsalted peanuts and a few more banana chips along with a glass of water. I know, I shouldn't have had anything this late, but I was having little hunger pains.

10:45pm - Did another 50 count on my ab rocket.

11:20pm - Going to lay down and watch tv and try to fall asleep. Hoping to be in out by midnight. Goodnight all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beginning - An Introduction

Hi! I'm Ashley.

I've recently just gotten really fed up with being over-weight, and I decided I needed to seriously do something about it! I started eating healthier and doing simple exercises about 3 days ago. I'm doing great so far.

I'm 23 years old. I've been on diet kicks numerous times in the last 5 years, and it always ends up the same way. I get really motivated and I start a diet, and then I lose my motivation and just quit.

My diets have mostly been really extreme - such as, when I was 18 or 19, I started a "diet" where I would only eat one meal a day, and that consisted of a very small salad, half a toasted sandwich, a kids lunchable OR a small tv dinner. I drank nothing but water, and only ate one of the items listed above daily. I also worked out 2 or 3 times a day. I did this for weeks and was losing a pound a day. It was extremely hard, and painful since the hunger pains crept up daily. Not to mention, when I finally got sick of not eating, I just went crazy and gained back more than I lost. I know NOW this is absolutely not a healthy way to lose weight. The idea of losing a pound a day was intriguing to me and I didn't care if it was healthy or not. Now, I know there are ways I can still lose a pound a day, but actually be eating meals, and living a healthy lifestyle.

So, here I am. I've decided to cut out all of the following items from my diet:  Dairy, Salt, Unnatural Sugars, Breads, Caffeine and Fried foods. This hasn't been hard so far, but I imagine the craving for nasty foods will start creeping up on me and make this harder as time goes by. I'm here to keep myself from giving in to those urges.

I want to fight the cravings and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to eat lean, healthy foods and ENJOY them. I want to crave the good, healthy snacks and meals, rather than the snicker's bars and double cheeseburgers. I CAN do this.

My will to lose weight has to out-weigh my will to eat unhealthy and gain weight, and I'm going to document it all here. From the beginning of each day, I'm going to open up a notepad document and log everything I eat for the day, aswell as my fitness for that day, etc, and then i'll post it here at the end of the day.

I am inviting you all to join me on my journey. Also looking for a motivation team! Which means, if you are also starting a healthy plan of your own to lose weight and feel great, or even have already been on one and want to offer words of wisdom, join blogspot and be a part of the team!