Weight Loss Goals

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wake up time: 10:00am

11:05am- Breakfast. 2 Eggs, scrambled with a little smoked turkey sausage and a small cut up tomato, served with 2 pieces of turkey bacon.  + water pill and green tea pill.

3:45pm- Lunch. Baked [salmon] fish seasoned with fresh lime juice and mrs. dash original blend seasoning, served with a salad (with ranch) and half an avocado, seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash original blend also. Also having a vanilla coke zero, 

4:25pm- 20 squats.

6:50pm- Snack.  Less than half of a banana.

8:30pm- Dinner. A bowl and a half of some chicken stir fry stuff.

Around 10pm- 10 squats.

(This week and last week from Sunday night through Thursday night I haven't been home. I've been staying at a friend's to babysit his kids, so I've gotten absolutely no working out done here, even though he's on a diet too and we keep trying to make plans to work out at his gym 3x a week. It's been flukes! So, tomorrow while the kids are napping or doing their thing, I'm gonna try to turn on some "hip hop abs" and at least do that. And today I did 30 squats through-out the day, just to try to get some form of exercise.)


  1. Ashley,

    First of all thanks for checking out my blog. I hope there is some small nugget of wisdom that speaks to you.

    I have a couple of observations in reading your blog. First, you have a wonderful attitude. For me that was the most important thing in losing weight. YOU WILL HAVE CRAPPY days, I gaurantee it. What will separate you from the less successful will be that attitude. That is what will bring you back the next day recommitted and ready to kick a**. Also, your diet seems to be very good. I have never been good at keeping track of calories so if I had it to do over again that would be one thing I would have changed. After doing it for a while you just KNOW what is good and bad and what is a serving and what is not.

    Anyway, sorry to go on but I had to drop in and reassure you that you will be successful and I am going to follow your journey. If I can be of any help let me know☺


  2. Thanks so much! You are actually my first comment yet on this blog and you probably have no idea how happy it made me!

    Thank you for your observations in my attitude and diet, i'm so glad you find both to be pretty decent! I have people (that are on the atkins diet) tell me that my diet is a "fake" diet. It isn't fake at all - I'm just not following a book! I set my own rules and I find that to be MUCH much easier to follow.

    I also don't count calories, or carbs. I do, however, try to have as little of both as possible. :)

    Thanks a lot, you've given me a ton of motivation & inspiration just from your comment! (Motivation is KEY in weight-loss for me.)

  3. You're def on the right path with the good.. [I absolutely love salmon] hmm i think i'll have it for dinner LOL. Have you tried the Shred? it's only 20 mins and it's a killer workout.

  4. Thanks! :)
    Yeah, I really liked the salmon, It was my first time having it. I think I might like tilapia a little better though, but they are both delicious.

    I haven't tried the Shred, matter of fact, I don't think I've heard of it, but I'll go research it now.

    Thanks again!