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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Third day of logging

Wake up time: 10:30am.

11:10am- A glass of water and half a cup of oatmeal, sweetened with one packet of "sweet thing", half a cut up banana and a tiny little bit of almond milk.

11:20am- Still eating oatmeal, took women's one a day pill.

12:00 to 1:30 - Spent about an hour or more walking around walmart. Does this count as walking? I think so!  :P

1:45pm- 50 count on the ab rocket.

1:55pm- The rest of my chicken from lunch yesterday. A small, thin piece and a serving size of unsalted peanuts. A glass of water. The chicken and peanuts is actually a good combo!

4:30pm- A little mix of dried banana's, unsalted peanutes & those cranberry crasisin things.

8:45pm- Taco's made with beef and taco seasoned ground turkey (just ground turkey next time.) Two on whole wheat tortilla's and one on a lettuce leaf. I'll be doing them only on lettuce leaf next time, because they were really good, and it's healthier... plus i'm trying to cut out all bread. Filled them with the meat, lettuce, tomatoes and avacado. Did NOT use the sour cream or cheese, i'm proud of myself! It was Delish!

9:45pm to 10:45pm - Went walking around the block for an hour.

11:00pm- It was far too late to eat, but I decided to make my sister, myself, my friend and my niece a little smoothie treat with reduced fat peanut butter, almond milk, bananas and honey. They also added a little whipping cream to thicken it because it was quite thin. I didn't like this because I'm not supposed to have dairy, but we had no other option of thickening it, and we only had about half a cup each.

11:40pm-  50 count on the ab rocket.

2:00am- BED! :P

I bought a scale earlier and will be tracking my weight every week from Saturday on. I'll post any weight loss or anything. :)


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