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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wake up time: 10:00am (Actually 8:30 then went back to sleep from 9 to 10)

10:40- Breakfast. Bowl of Kashi "Go lean crunch" cereal w/ almond milk & about half a banana. + A big glass of water, my water pill (day 7) and my Green tea pill (1st pill, day 7)

12:10pm- Workout. 20 squats, 50 crunches, leg and arm stretches and 30 minutes of hip hop abs "Ab Sculpt". (Wow, that ab sculpt was pretty tough, but I got through it!)

1:35pm- Lunch. Leftover Ground Turkey & Potato Casserole http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/recipes.asp?category=1&recipe=18985 w/ Hummus.  

5:15pm- Snack. 8 baby carrots.

Around 8pm - Dinner. Dimmasi's Meditteranian Restuarant.
Yeah, I told myself I wouldn't go there but I was really good. I had mostly salad & cabbage, 2 pieces of this mustard chicken stuff, 1 baked tilapia and a small amount of shredded lamb. And hummus! + Got some hummus to go. :) (Plus my last green tea pill of the day.)

So, I've been on my water weight and mega-t green tea pills exactly one week today. Tomorrow morning is weigh day! I'm nervous. I would be a little more excited about it but my TOM came last night, so I'm afraid it might effect the scale. I have been taking the water pills for a week though, so maybe TOM won't effect me much, if any. I think I've been eating pretty well, and the last 3 days been doing the work out video (which I'm going to continue to do, but might switch up weekly with the 30 day shred video) for 30 mins a day. Tomorrow = weigh in. Next Friday = Weigh in + Measurements!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow. I can't wait to read how well you have done :)