Weight Loss Goals

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wake up time: 9:45am [WHOA!]

11:30am - Breakfast. A cup of fruit smoothie w/ low sugar orange juice, strawberries, banana's, pears, carrots, honey and a little almond milk. + Women's one a day pill.

12:00pm to 1:00pm - Went walking the block, explored some forrest.

1:30pm - Snack. A can of tuna w/ a little mustard and a serving (6) of garden herb triscuits.

2:45pm - Lunch. Grilled chicken that was marinated in a little italian dressing (yeah, im sure that wasn't very healthy - not my choice) a small salad with a tiny bit of ranch [gotta get something healthier - any suggestions?] and fresh steamed spinach w/ a glass of water.

5:15pm - Snack. A banana & a glass of water.

10pm-12amish - Had a 6 pack of grape smirnoff. This was a bad decision! But, it's Saturday, and I didn't eat dinner, so i'm not beating myself up over it.

1:15am - Going to lay down. :)


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