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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pictures. The worst part.


I wasn't going to post pictures here.
At least, not until I made some progress to kinda have some before/after pics.

Basically, so I wouldn't feel so ashamed at the fact that I look like this NOW.

If I'm going to trust you to follow me on my journey to weight loss, then I should be able to post pictures of myself and not be ashamed. There are, however, 2 pictures that I do plan on using as before/after pics, and I'm not posting them yet for that purpose. Plus I look like a hot mess in them!

The pictures where I have pink hair are from my birthday in August 2010 and the others are from December 2010.


January 2, 2011

February  2, 2011

                                                                        March 22, 2011
                                       (will update when I can have someone else take the pics)


  1. I don't think we are that far off each other. Good luck with your weight loss.

    I have one picture of myself I REALLY hate and eventually I will post that as before and after pictures as well. I still have a long way to go and would ideally like to lose another 60lbs or so. I'm in this for the long haul. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your support and I will definitely support you through this too because we all know how tough this is. I felt the same way about pictures but my sister encouraged me to put starting pictures which when I look at my blog it makes me want to work 10 times harder because I know everyone in the world can now see these pictures. Another thing I do is I have a lot of pictures of how I was before and I always look at them because I can't wait to be like that again and that is a good motivation too. Look at the now picture and the where you want to be picture side by side and it will really give you the motivation. Pictures speak louder than words but since you posted these pictures the hard part is now done.

  3. Thanks for the comments and support!

    @Becca: I have approx. 80 pounds to lose to feel "normal" and good about myself. I know that with every 10 pounds lost, i'm just that much closer! 10 pounds is a big deal, and I know in the long run i'm going to feel and look so much better! I have 1 other picture that really is one of the reasons I started this too, and, when I lose weight, it will be posted with my "BEFORE" pictures. And I don't plan on going back!

    @Asreya: Thanks so much for your support as well. We're still early on into our weight loss and we're in our weak stages. This is gonna be tough but we need people around us encouraging and supporting us, and helping to pick us back up when we break and feel like we can't do it anymore. I might make a folder on my computer of pictures of ideally sized girls/woman, and look at that when i'm feeling not-so motivated. :)

  4. these photos exude such happiness, ashley!! i love that. the one photo i have of me at my heaviest (236) that's posted on my blog is hard for me to look at, but it's my reality and a motivator :)) i'm a new reader--hi, i'm alexia!

  5. Hey Alexia! Yeah, I wasn't going to post pictures until I was further along in my weight-loss, but who cares, right? I have faith that I'm going to lose the weight so it doesn't matter if I post the pics now or in a year, I'm still going to be ashamed! Might as well let everyone see me now. :) It should help to motivate me, so that I can later show pictures that I am proud of.

    Thanks so much for the comment and for following me on my journey! I will follow you aswell.

  6. Wow that's great.... atleast you can see your progress. My dumb self forgot to take pictures so needless to say I can't tell where I'm looking weight but everyone else seems to be able to

  7. I'm not seeing as much progress in pictures as people seem to be seeing in person, lol. I guess later down the line you'll really be able to tell. Just take pics now and start tracking. :) I'm sure there are pics of you from before floatin' around somewhere.