Weight Loss Goals

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In

Unfortunately, I only lost 2 pounds this week. I know, I know! 2 pounds is better than no pounds and much better than gaining them. It's also my TOM so I'll see if that played a part when I weigh next week. I went through my log from last week to see what I had done to have lost 4 pounds last weigh-in; I think I figured it out! I didn't exercise AT ALL last week, I just ate better. So, while I was still losing weight from the way I was eating, I wasn't gaining muscle from working out. So, I'm starting to think I am just gaining muscle in place of fat so I need to stop worrying. I've either walked for an hour or worked out pretty much every day this week, so that is probably it.

My friend is now telling me that you can't gain 2lb of muscle that fast, so there is no way that I'm just gaining muscle in place of fat. I don't know! What do you guys think? It's truly discouraging, and the thought that it might be muscle was pretty nice... now he's telling me this. I just don't understand how the 2 weeks that I busted my butt working out I only lost 2 pounds and the one week I didn't do any exercise at all, I lost 4! I think I will start portioning my meals a little better.

My sister is also telling me today that I look smaller (I've been gone for 4 days so she hasn't seen me since Sunday night) so it must be muscle or that I probably just need to take my measurements. Measurements come next Friday.

I'm going to stick with it, but I just feel really discouraged, unmotivated and blah today. Of course I won't go crazy and just eat like a lunatic, but I can't help but to feel that all of my efforts aren't paying off.

I know it's possible to lose a pound a day, or at least 5lb a week... And I've only lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks time!

If someone could give me some advice, that would be wonderful. I need it!


  1. Hi Ashley,

    Congrats on the weight loss! Strange how the results don't translate some weeks. In the beginning of mine I went to Olive Garden one week to celebrate my nephews college graduation. He knew I was dieting and apologized for making it hard on me. I lost 8 pounds that week, the most I ever lost in a week. Who knows! Just be the postage stamp.

    Also, I made a change after I started to make sure that I was getting a good mix of carb protein and fat with my snacks (and meals). Yogurt is a good one. Add several almonds or walnuts for some good fat. I read too that after a workout the optimal combination of carbs to protein is 3 or 4 to 1.

    You were right on with the effects of a good diet. As you know, it's hard to burn a thousand calories but NOT hard to eat 1000 calories.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Thanks for the support. :)

    Yeah, I don't get it. It makes a lot of sense to assume I'm gaining muscle in place of fat in the weeks that I only lost 2lb, but if you can't gain muscle that fast, then I don't know what else it is.

    This week: I'm cutting out more carbs + going to only eat half of all of my meals and see if it makes a difference.

  3. Carbs are your friend!! Total calorie intake/output is more essential. Carbs give you the energy to get up and kick ass in your workouts. I went through a phase where I cut them back and found for me it wasn't worth it because my workouts suffered.

    I wouldn't worry about the muscle/fat trade off right now. Just keep at it! I think for me in the beginning my body was used to burning like 4000 calories a day then I cut back to 2000. I think my body continued to burn at that metabolism for a while so I was losing 3 or 4 pounds a week just from eating a reasonable diet which is what you described. The key is your body will begin to adjust and it gets harder so give it 100% right now to take advantage of the extra burn rate!!

  4. 3 or 4 pounds a week would be great! I'm just discouraged, only losing 2. My mom, sister and friend are all on the atkin's diet so they are pushing me to join them, but I don't know about that.

    My sister cheated all week and didn't exercise at all and lost the same amount as me this week, and she lost 6lbs her first week when she was actually working out and trying!

    I guess I will just keep eating as I have been but less. I already feel like my portions aren't much but maybe they are more than I think. :) We'll see. Crossing my fingers to do better next week!

    Thanks :)

  5. My wife was frustrated with 2 pounds a week too. We were doing this together and she always felt like I was doing better than her. I told her everyone is different and you are doing this for you. Plus, 2 pounds a week is over 100 pounds in a year....which she reached in the spring last year.

    I just posted my 'exercise journal' from my first two weeks, you'll have to check out. The big significance is my running time then and now, but everyone has to start somewhere and you have done that and are doing well.

    You should be very proud of yourself.

  6. Yeah, men always seem to lose faster, no fair! Lol. Well I read up on a forum and it gave me a little bit of hope. I just posted a new blog about what I learned. :) [You are a man though and feel a little gross reading it, LOL, sorry!]

    I will definitely go check out your blog right now! And thanks. :)

    Btw, when you put it that way - losing 100+ pounds in a year by only losing 2 lbs a week, it makes it seem much better! I hope I can do something similar in about 6 months time, but I plan on trying to stick to this healthy eating thing forever, so i'm in it for the long run!