Weight Loss Goals

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey, all!
I've been doing pretty good this week...and I'm happy about that. I don't feel like I have eaten quite as much as I was, even though it wasn't a whole whole lot before. I don't count carbs or calories so I don't really know what my intake is, but I feel like I have done better this week.

Also, I think I mentioned that it already takes me 20-30 minutes (I am eating lunch as I type this, and have only eaten 1 out of 3 meatballs in 15 minutes) to eat a meal, so now with every meal, I try to take my time and make sure it's really chewed up. I try to chew each bite for at least 30 seconds, even though as soon as the food hits my mouth, my throat gets a feeling of wanting to swallow. Haha, that must be my fat girl mentality!

The last 2 weeks or so, my weigh day has been off. My typical weigh-in day is Friday, but last week it was Sunday. I will probably weigh this week on Saturday morning, and then try to stick with that.

                                                  -Today's Food Log-

Wake up time: 9:30am

10:15am - Breakfast. Multi-grain oats and honey cereal with added chopped pecans in almond milk.

11:50am - Exercise. Zumba 20-minutes express.

Note: I was very tired and wanted a nap while the kids napped, and after arguing with myself in my head about it; I chose to do zumba instead. I'm tired of excuses for blowing off exercise, so sleepiness wasn't gonna cut it. I did zumba, showered and then, although I could  have worked a nice hour long nap in there, I -didn't- need it. I guess the exercise did me some good. :)

2:10pm - Lunch. 3 ground turkey meatballs.

7:30pm - Dinner. About half a small rotisserie chicken (no skin) and some canned (bleh!) green beans.

9:50pm -  Exercise. 50 sit-ups on the ab rocket. I think this thing works my thighs more than my abs! Phew!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wake up time: 9:30am

10:20am - Breakfast. A bowl of Kellogg's special k multi-grain honey and oat cereal with half a banana and some pecan pieces in almond milk.

1:50pm - Snack. An apple while I waited on lunch.

2:00pm - Exercise. Zumba 20 minute express.
That was my first time doing Zumba, but I quite liked it. I think I could do that during the week and walk (or bike if I can find one to borrow) on weekends and be good. :)

2:55pm - Lunch. 2 baked ground turkey meatballs and a side salad with ranch dressing.

5:35pm - Snack. A peanut butter & honey roll up.

7:35pm - Dinner. 2 chicken fajita taco's on low carb, whole wheat tortilla's with guacamole, refried beans, picante sauce and tomato. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wake up time: 9:00am

10:20am - Breakfast. Multigrain oats and honey cereal with added pecan pieces in almond milk.

2:00pm - Lunch. 2 left over ground turkey taco's.

3:45pm - Exercise. Walked 1.32 miles.
That's less than yesterday, but it's hard to get 2 miles in with a 3 year old lagging feet behind you, having to stop every couple of minutes to check on and encourage her to speed up. Not getting to go the speed that I want to and am capable of going. Then she complained her feet and hair and butt hurt. I guess any excuse to go home, huh?

4:40pm - Exercise. (About 15 minutes after getting in from walking.) 30 squats and 100 crunches.

I did the walking, squats and crunches DESPITE the fact that I feel terrible today. Apparently I caught this stupid bug that's been going around. Pretty sure I have a sinus infection, and I hope it doesn't stick around too long.

6:00pm - Snack. One apple.

8:05pm - Dinner. A bowl of some Chicken tikka masala stuff.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wake up time: 9:00am

10:10am - Breakfast. Bowl of Kellogg's Special K multigrain oats and honey cereal with some added pecans (this has become a thing  of mine) in almond milk.

3:45pm - Lunch. A grilled chicken salad with grilled chicken fajita, avocado, sunflower seeds and ranch.

5:00pm - Exercise. Took the girls (I babysit) walking. Walked 1.74 miles. I really wanted to get to that 2 mile mark, but the 3 year old was complaining that her feet her and she was really lagging behind. Her lagging behind caused me to go a slower pace than I would have liked also, but it was a nice walk.

6:05pm - Snack. Natural peanut butter, a small banana and natural honey wrapped in a low carb whole wheat tortilla.

7:45pm - Dinner. 2 ground turkey taco's on whole wheat, low carb tortilla's. + Lettuce, tomato, guacamole and picante sauce.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I weighed-in and took measurements today.

I lost 1.8lb this week (THANK GOD I had a loss, considering my cheat day on Friday!) I'm happy to see a loss and not a gain. I was worried about it, freaking out thinking that I would gain 5 lb back and have to spend the next 2 weeks redeeming myself. Obviously that wasn't the case.

Measurements seemed to have stayed the same in the last 3 weeks, which is odd that I have lost approx. 5 pounds in that time and no real changes in the measurements. I am pretty sure it's because I haven't been working out at all. This week, while babysitting, I plan to at least go walking everyday, and to at least try to get 30 squats and 50-100 crunches in daily. I need to lose one more inch off my waist for my 10 inch off waist goal! I can do this!

I lost about half an inch off my hips and bust and like 3/4 inch off my waist in 3 weeks so that SUCKS. I was getting a good 2-3 inches every 2 weeks, so I have got to kick it back in gear and stop fucking around and being a lazy ass.

Yesterday was a better day for me eating wise. I wasn't able to pack my own lunch because we had nothing at home to pack, and I was going to get a salad from somewhere for lunch but I couldn't get a ride to leave the place, so they were serving BBQ sandwiches and sausage on a stick/bun at the place. I got a sausage on a stick with water. I had -A BITE- of banana cake that my friend wanted me to try. When she was done with it, she offered me the other half of it and I declined. She tried to pressure me in to taking it, but I still declined and told her I coudn't mess up again like I had Friday. I had a subway salad for an early dinner, and I had one dr.pepper and rum at home around 9 or something.

I was going to have boiled cabbage and potatoes that my sister made but by the time it was done it was like 11pm, so I decided to eat that today for lunch. I am fixing to go make me a bowl of that right now.

I have officially lost 26.6 pounds since I started my journey, and have 25.8 pounds to go for my summer goal! All still looks good for reaching this goal before July. :)

I'm not going to track my food today, because I plan on being busy, but, I definitely am not going to screw up, so no worries! I'm also going to go for a good long walk today with my niece's sometime after lunch.

Going to get me some lunch now!

Oh and thanks to everyone for the kind words, even when I screwed up Friday! You were all very nice and It made me stop worrying so much about the cheat and just get over it since it had already happened. I loves you guys! <3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday and Friday's logs

                                                      Thursday's log-

Wake up time: 10:00am

10:45am - Breakfast. A serving of special k fruit & yogurt cereal with a few chopped pecans in almond milk.

2:45pm - Lunch. 10 multi-grain saltine crackers with chicken salad on them.

Around 8:00pm - Dinner.  A buffet. But, I had a decent sized salad, and then some bourbon chicken, broccoli & like 3 pieces each of beef and chicken fajita meat.

As for today, Friday, I don't even want to discuss! Let's just say I was gone all day working a craft show and had few food options. I could have probably gone with a little bit healthier options, but I did what I did and it's done. Today became a total cheat day. I had a little bit of banana bread around 10am, BBQ stuffed baked potato for lunch, then 2 bites of chocolate cake before I decided I wanted a slice, and when they were out, I got a big brownie instead of just going "okay! they're out! that's a sign!" Then I had 2 slices of pizza for dinner.

Yeah, CHEAT -DAY-. All day. I feel like crap for it, but I am sooo not keeping it up. It happened, it's done, and I'm moving on from it.

The weird thing is, I felt a little high  off that big brownie after eating it. I haven't had unnatural sugar like that in a while, especially a lot like that in one sitting... So, I guess the "sugar high" thing is no joke!

Btw, today was weigh day and I weighed this morning with like a pound gain, but I started my T.O.M yesterday and I just felt completely bloated and like crap. I just hope my food choices for today don't cause me to gain like 5 flippin' pounds on next weeks weigh-in...

I have a craft show again tomorrow, where I will make better decisions! And after the craft show (about 6pm) I will take my butt walking for a good couple of miles...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So, as most of you know, I've been maintaining about a 2lb per week loss every week, which is great, don't get me wrong... but I'd love to make that 3 or 4 pounds per week. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to change that. Even when I was exercising every day, I seemed to still maintain about 2lb/week. What I am thinking is that I need to cut my meal portions down. I really don't eat that much but.. well like last night I had 2 taco's instead of the 3 I usually have, and I was completely satisfied with just the 2. I need to start getting less to start with and then if I am still hungry, get a little more... rather than getting more than I need and then finishing it all because my mind tells me I have to.

So that's my goal for the rest of this week and on, I'm going to pay attention to how much food I am getting and get what I -need- and not what I -want- or feel like I'm gonna need. I'm usually pretty good with eating slow, taking 20-30 mins to eat each meal, so I need to stick with that as well, and chew more.

                                                  - Meal/Exercise Log For The Day -

Wake up time: 10:05am

10:55am - Breakfast. Fruit & yogurt cereal with added chopped pecans in almond milk.

1:00pm - Work out. 30 squats, 50 crunches & Hip Hop Abs 30 minute fat burning cardio.

2:05pm - Lunch. 2 ground turkey/low carb whole wheat tortilla taco's with guacamole and picante sauce.

7:40pm - Snack. Approx. a serving of cashews.

8:20pm - Dinner. A ground turkey patty with some tomato and avocado slices on the side and a small salad with ranch.

I think I lost my exercise motivation when I started doing the 30 day shred. Yeah, it's only 20 minutes, and yeah, she kicks your ass and you FEEL it... but it was boring. It was painful and boring. It seemed to take forever to get done with it and it was just annoying. I did hip hop abs today and it was fun. You're "dancing" and you're moving and the 30 MINUTES just seem to fly by. Sure, it might not work as well as the 30 day shred but it's something I can stick to and do every day, and it'll help... where-as I just dread the 30 day shred and end up quitting after 3-4 days. I'm not saying it's not good, I'm pretty positive it'll get you in pretty good shape in those 30 days if you stick with it.. It just isn't for me right now, and that's okay.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wake up time: 10:00am

10:50am - Breakfast. A bowl of special k fruit & yogurt cereal with added chopped pecans and half a banana in almond milk. + 2 Jillian Michael's fat burner pills.

12:45pm - Work out. Leg and arm stretches, 30 squats and 100 crunches.

3:00pm - Lunch. 2 chicken salad wraps (chicken salad inside a low carb whole wheat tortilla) and 8 multi-grain saltine crackers (about a serving and a half).

7:40pm - Dinner. 2 ground turkey taco's on low-carb whole wheat tortilla's with lettuce, tomato, guacamole and picante sauce.

Oh, and I posted 6 new "progress" pictures HERE from January til now.  :)

My love life?

I haven't mentioned it, but I've been in an on/off relationship with a guy for almost 8 years... long distance. We have never met. We've talked about meeting, made plans for meeting, but just never did. Hell, One year I even went out and bought new underwear and clothes just because I had planned on flying there, and it didn't happen.

It was always me; I was always too insecure and unhappy with my body, though he has seen HUNDREDS of pics through-out the years, and he has seen me on web-cam numerous times, and he DOESN'T care... I always let my weight get the best of me, and insecurities took over and I just talked myself out of going every time. I can blame it on anything in the world. Money, family, other obligations, whatever... it's always been my weight. He doesn't care, and he isn't even "skinny" himself, but I just always freaked out whenever I'd really sit down and think about it; Imagining losing the guy I've been in love with since I was a teenager to my weight.

But seriously. It's been 8 years almost. Nothing is ever going to happen anyway if we don't meet. So I can a) Never go because I'm afraid he won't like me (which is ridiculous) and it not work out because I never gave it a chance or I can  b) Suck it up and DO IT, and it (most likely) work out and we end up seeing each other as much as possible 'til one can move to where the other is.

Which is why I decided that I'll be buying a plane ticket and going to see him for a week or 2 at the end of July. Our first "officially" (not counting all the stupid break ups and junk) anniversary will be July 26th... so my idea is to go like July 20th through the 27th, or August 3rd depending on if I stay a week, week and a half or 2 weeks.

I'm doing it this time!!

And if my goal pans out as it is supposed to, I will have lost 50+ pounds by then. That isn't the only reason I made that goal; I really just wanted to give myself a reasonable goal with a reasonable amount of time to reach it, and I'd love to be decently cute during summer so I can wear cute, light-weight clothes without looking like a fat blob. If I keep losing 2 pounds a week, I should reach my goal by the middle or end of JUNE, which would be great because I'd have a whole other month to lose more and get in better shape and tighten up.

Reminder: I am doing this for ME, and only me.
I am not trying to lose weight to please some guy, and nobody should.
But, it does help motivate me and keep me going because I am serious this time! I am serious about weight loss, serious about eating healthier, serious about looking GOOD, and finally, serious about meeting the love of my life for the first time! (Although it does give me a really nervous sick butterfly feeling! Lol.)

So, there it is, and you're all holding me accountable... I'm not talking myself out of this one! Even if I don't reach my goal and only lose 5 pounds by summer (god forbid!) I am GOING! :)

By the way... I will probably buy my ticket in the next 1-3 months, so that I have it and there is no "ohhh i'm broke" issues later. And I -hate- blowing money, so if I do that I will HAVE to go anyway. :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wake up time: 9:40am but laid in bed and dozed on and off til like 10:30am.

11:25am - Breakfast. Bowl of Special K fruit in yogurt cereal in almond milk with some added crushed pecans and half a small banana.

2:30pm - Lunch. A salad with dry roasted sunflower seeds and ranch dressing.

5:40pm - Snack. A low carb whole wheat tortilla, spread with natural peanut butter and natural honey.

7:10pm - Dinner. Corned beef and sauteed cabbage with sausage in it.

10:30pm - Drink. Zero calorie limeade stuff.

I decided to slowly bring working out back into my daily routine and I meant to start today but it was a busy day... tomorrow, definitely...and i'll be doing squats, crunches and some leg/arm stretches until I get excited enough about working out to do more.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well, I cheated twice today but I don't feel like they were huge OMG cheats. I had a barbecue baked potato around 2pm and then at like 8:30pm I had some lasagna and 2 pieces of garlic toast. I drank a sweet tea, a coke zero and some diet antioxidant cherry 7up throughout the day (one  of each).

I also did A LOT of walking. I went to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo... it was awesome. I was invited last minute last night, but this was the last show for this year, so I'm glad I went. This would be the reason for the cheats today.

Oh, and I was going to take measurements but because of the above mentioned, I didn't get to do that either, so i'll take it next weekend. :)

I hope everyone is doing well!  I'll update again tomorrow!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In

I lost 2.6 pounds this week. Close to 3, not bad. :) I've got to start working out again...maybe it'll speed up the process, and I REALLY don't want to be flabby so i've got to get on the ball! I don't have a clue why or when I lost motivation but it went out the window. I think I will go walking today though, at least... and probably use my ab rocket.

About 27 pounds to go to reach my summer (june/july) goal!!  I'm excited!

P.S. I want to say THANK YOU to all of my watchers! I hope I can give you some sort of motivation, as that is the reason I follow others blogs. Thanks for joining me on my journey; It's nice to know I am not alone, and that I have people holding me accountable for my actions. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wake up time: 10:45am

11:40am - Breakfast. A bowl of special k fruit & yogurt cereal with (added) chopped pecans in almond milk (and about 1/4 cup regular milk cuz I ran out of almond milk and it wasn't enough).

2:55pm - Lunch. A salad with ranch dressing and 5 (serving size) whole grain saltine crackers.

5:00pm - Snack. 3 scoops of blue bunny "bunny tracks" ice cream. Good thing I will be away from this for a few days. :)

7:15pm - Dinner. 3 ground turkey meatballs in homemade marinara sauce, sprinkled with shaved parmesan cheese and a side salad with ranch dressing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wake up time: 10:00am

10:50am - Breakfast. A bowl of Kellogg's Special K fruit & yogurt cereal with some (added) crushed up pecans in almond milk.

2:40pm - Lunch. 3 grilled chicken fajita taco's w/ picante sauce & guacamole on low carb whole wheat tortilla's.

8:00pm - Dinner. Half a rotisserie chicken (no skin) and a side salad with ranch dressing.

10:15pm - Dessert. A kids size bowl of blue bunny "bunny tracks" ice cream. Reduced fat and no "added" sugar. I had a sweet tooth, so... yeah.

I know I fail to mention what I drink every day, but that's because I drink water all the time. I drink at least 3-4 BIG cups of water throughout the day... so unless I'm drinking something else with my meal then I usually don't log it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wake up time: 10:30am

11:55am - Breakfast. A bowl of Kellogg's Special K vanilla almond cereal w/ chopped pecans in almond milk.

2:50pm - Lunch. A grilled chicken (breast) salad with ranch dressing and 6 whole grain saltine crackers.

7:15pm - Dinner. 3 grilled chicken fajita taco's on low carb whole wheat tortilla's, with guacamole, lettuce and picante sauce.

10:25pm -  Dessert? Two (no high fructose corn syrup) peanut butter and banana wraps (low carb, whole wheat tortilla's). Two probably wasn't the best idea, should have just went with one, but i'm relaxing and de-stressing for the day so... at least I went with this healthier option, and not something crazy. Plus, I should be up another 3 hours at least probably.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wake up time: 9:00am

12:10pm - Brunch. A salad with a few grape tomatoes and half an avocado in ranch dressing and 5 (serving size) multi-grain saltine crackers.

3:15pm - Late Lunch. A bowl of kellogg's special K fruit & yogurt cereal with about a serving of chopped pecans in almond milk.

6:00pm - Snack. I've been craving a peanut butter and banana sandwich, so today I came up with a bit of a healthier version, and it's delicious! I spread (no high fructose corn syrup) peanut butter onto a low carb whole wheat tortilla and then cut up half a banana and put the pieces of banana down the middle, then rolled it and ate it like a wrap. Totally hit the spot and I don't feel as guilty as I would have felt by eating 2 pieces of bread, and it tastes exactly the same.

9:00pm - Dinner. So I went to wings & more for dinner. I don't like bone-in wings, so I was looking for something else on the menu. They had all this delicious sounding fried junk, but I opted for the club wrap, with a side salad instead of curly fries or chips. I also had water to drink... about 3 cups. Over-all I'm pretty happy with my decision. Oh, and they (the people we met up there) had an appetizer of fried vegetables.. so I had 2 fried broccoli florets.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tattoo & Piercings (Saturday)

Around 2pm I had 3 leftover ground turkey meatballs from yesterday and at 11:00pm I had 2 hot dogs cut up with chili, and some aaamazing seasoned sweet potato chips.

I was at the tattoo shop practically all day (from 3:30 to 11pm) so I wasn't able to eat like a normal human being. :P I'm glad I was able to get 2 piercings and a tattoo i've been wanting, all for only $70.

I'm sooo tired though. I'm pretty sure I will be calling it an early night tonight...even though it's already 12:15am, I'm just real tired, feel like jumping into my PJ's and laying down to some TV, and that's exactly what I'm fixing to be doing, after I get caught up with everyone's blogs. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In and today's food log.

Wake up time: Noonish.

3:45pm - Lunch. A piece of seasoned & grilled tilapia and some seasoned and grilled squash.

I am back "home" from babysitting, and there really isn't anything healthy and non-dairy here to eat. I need to go to the store and get some special k cereal and almond milk to eat for breakfast here.

5:00pm - Work out. Got in about a mile and a half walk. I was using my runkeeper app on my phone to track and my phone completely shut off when I was half-way back home, but by that point I had walked about a mile and a quarter...

5:45pm - Snack. Allowed myself one very, very small piece of white chocolate/peanut butter fudge. I ate it slowly, sucking on every bite til it was completely melted. It was delicious.

8:30pm - Dinner. 3 baked ground turkey meatballs.

I had my weekly weigh in today and lost another 2 pounds for the week. :) I wore my new-sized shorts and got compliments from 2 different people who haven't seen me in months about how I look smaller. :D I have complete faith that I will reach my summer goal by about mid-june! I'm excited!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wake up time: 10:30am

11:40am - Breakfast. Bowl of Special K fruit and yogurt cereal with chopped almonds and half a banana inside it, in almond milk.  + Fat burner pill.

3:00pm - Lunch. One ground turkey burrito on a low carb whole wheat flour tortilla.

8:15pm- Dinner. 2 grilled chicken fajita taco's on low carb whole wheat flour tortilla's.

No work out.

The kids I babysit have completely stressed me out bad ALL WEEK. I really haven't had the time or patience to even try to work out because when they are napping I'm enjoying the silence...seriously... Yes, it has been that bad this week.

If I don't work out tomorrow while I'm babysitting then as soon as I get home (tomorrow is my last day of babysitting for the week - til Monday) then I'm going to take my happy ass walking for a WHILE when I get home.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wake up time: 8:45am

9:30am - Breakfast. A breakfast burrito with 2 eggs, scrambled and 1 and a half turkey sausage patties cut up, and picante sauce.

2:30pm - Lunch. A piece of baked salmon and left-over green bean casserole.

6:30pm - Snack. A handful of whole wheat cheez-it's.

8:15pm - Dinner. 2 ground turkey burrito's with guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese and picante sauce on low carb whole wheat flour tortilla's.

11:00pm - Dessert. A small slice of altered pumpkin pie. Pecans, butter and artificial sweetner as the pie crust instead of actual pie crust. A couple of other things might have been altered as well to make it a bit healthier (I didn't make it) and a small glass of almond milk.

No work out again today. Needed some sleep and didn't quite get it. I had a horrible dream/sleep paralysis (at nap time) so I woke up feeling worse than I did before I laid down. My throat was real itchy today also, so I kept coughing... bleh! I'm hoping I'm getting over being sick... I seem to be better. I really need to get back into work out mode! Or maybe I just need to find a better work out. I like the 30 day shred, but i'm never motivated about it, and that's probably because of how tough it is. I just dread it, but force myself into doing it. I -can- do it but maybe I'm just not physically ready for it. Or maybe I'm just being a pu**y and need to stop complaining and just do it! I like to be excited about working out though, I like looking forward to it. Maybe I should go back to hip hop abs for now, 'til I drop 10-20 more pounds.

ABC's Of Me!

Age: 23.

Bed size: Queen.

Chore you hate: Mopping.

Dogs: 2 pekingese.

Essential start of your day: I'm trying to make that breakfast, because I've never been a breakfast eater, never cared for it and I usually am never awake at breakfast time. I'm trying to change that.

Fave color: Pink.

Gold or silver: Silver.

Height: 5'4ish

Instruments I play: Typing on the keyboard. :P

Job title: Currently, babysitter.

Kids: None, yet.

Live: Texas.

Mom’s name: Linda.

Nicknames: Ash, Ashes, Asshole, Smash, Smashtastic.

Overnight hospital stays: 0.

Pet peeve: When people empty an ice tray and leave it in the freezer without filling it back up.

Quote from a movie:
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."
"What a stupid lamb."
"What a sick, masochistic lion.

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: I have 2 sisters.

Time you wake up: Depends on if I am babysitting or not. So, Monday through Thursday is typically by 10pm, Friday through Sunday.. I sleep in as late as I can!

Underwear: Bikini or boy-cut are my favorites I think.

Veg you dislike: I don't like peppers or onions raw. I can eat them fully cooked through but I just can't stand the taste of them raw.

What makes you run late: Other people. I don't have my license (working on this soon), and as much as I prefer to be on time, I can't always do that if I'm not driving myself.

X-rays you have had done: None that I recall.

Yummy food you make: I make pretty good grilled chicken. I have made some awesome baked spasagna and homemade macaroni before, but I can't eat those anymore. :( I usually only cook my lunches at this point in my life...so... it's not anything elaborate.

Zoo Animal, favorite: Monkey's!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend update

Sorry for my lack in updating. I have been sick since Friday morning, hoarse and just not feeling very well. I didn't have an appetite Saturday or Sunday, so I only ate about once each day and it wasn't much. Saturday was about 8 barbecued shrimp and 1 and a half taco's (on carb-friendly whole wheat flour tortilla's) then Sunday we had a barbecue with my family.. after waking up from a nap I wasn't hungry but decided  I should eat anyway, seeing as it was around 3pm and I hadn't eaten all day, and it had been quite a long time since I had eaten last. I had a hamburger patty with cheese and a tomato slice, no bread or condiments, some of my sister's warm potato salad and a few bites of my mom's baked beans... they seemed a little sweet for me so I didn't have much. Oh, and she made one of my favorite, if not my favorite desserts: Homemade banana pudding. I got a pretty big bowl of it but it wasn't tasting right either, so I only had a few bites.

That's funny. I have always been a sweet freak and the 2 things that I got to eat on Sunday that included sugar, I couldn't finish because they seemed to sweet or didn't taste right. Maybe it's true what they say about it taking so many days to be able to kick a habit. I have been pretty strict on myself about having any kind of unnatural sugar and if I have it then it's not in big quantity's.

I don't have the times but today I ate;
Breakfast - Kellogg's Special K fruit and yogurt cereal in almond milk.
Lunch - Grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing.
Dinner - Some roasted chicken (no skin) and some amazing Green bean casserole.

I had about 4 big cups of water today also, which have to be at least about 2-3 (measuring) cups big. I didn't work out and I feel bad about it, but I caught a long nap in when the kids did because I was exhausted, sick and just needed a nap. It helped.

That's all. :) If I don't start updating regularly tomorrow then I definitely will wednesday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stylish blogger award!


Here are the terms of this award
- Thank the person that gave it to me
- Pass it on to 15 new bloggers
- List 7 things about yourself
- And finally, drop a note in each mailbox letting them know they won!

Thanks Kim and Brittany from 2 chicks on weigh watchers for my second award! <3

I am passing this award to:

(Yeah, I know that isn't 15 people and they aren't all new... but I've only had this blog a couple of months so bare with me. :P)

                                           7 Things About Me
 1. My astrological sign is Virgo.
 2. I have no kids, though I would like to one day, when I am more settled and secure.
 3. I have 5 nieces and 2 nephews.
 4. I have lost 20 pounds since January, but still have about 70 to go to reach my goal weight.
 5. I am currently a babysitter for my friend's 2 girls, but plan on getting a real, better paying job soon.
 6. Jillian Michael's 30 day shred seriously kicks my butt. :P
 7. I planned on blogging this weekend, but I am sick and feeling cruddy, so I want to apologize to my readers for that!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wake up time: 11:30am

I need to stop skipping breakfast on weekends, but, I like to sleep in on the weekends, so by the time I wake up, it's lunch time!

I don't have the exact times of what I ate today, but I had some low carb enchilada chicken paillard for lunch around 12:40pm and then around 7:30pm I had a barbecued chicken leg and chicken thigh. Took the skin off the thigh. Also had both of my Jillian Michael's fat burning pills today with my meals.

Also had 1 taki's chip thing + 2 beers, and a couple shots of chocolate vodka. :P

I didn't get to work out as planned but I did sweat my butt off helping paint a bedroom...so...

I did it!

I lost exactly 3 pounds this week... which means...

I did it!!

I have officially lost 20(.2) pounds and one pant size since starting my journey!
This gives me another thing to mark off my goals list, I'm so excited!!

Also, another 1/4 inches off my waist will give me an official 10 inches off the waist since starting! (That's another goal)

I imagine today to be a good day!
My friend, sister and mom have already tried to talk me into going to a Chinese buffet for lunch but I turned them down, regardless of all their "but they have a fruit and salad bar and the hibachi grill can cook you grilled chicken!" talk. I am having their left over dinner from last night for lunch, which is the enchilada chicken paillard stuff. Nom nom.

Thank you everyone for all your encouragement! <3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Officially down a size! :)

Wake up time: 10:15am

11:05am- Breakfast. Bowl of (special k) vanilla almond cereal + half a banana in almond milk and fat burner pill & big glass of water.

1:15pm- Work out. Day 4 of (level 1) Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.
Think i'm gonna shoot to do this video 5x a week and then rest 2.

2:30pm- Lunch. 3 left-over grilled chicken fajita's on low carb whole wheat tortilla's.

8:00pm- Dinner. Hamburger (ground turkey) patty w/ cheese, avocado and tomato on low carb whole wheat flour tortilla (like a wrap).. had 2 of these. + fat burner pill. Wow, i've had those tortilla's like 4+ times this week! I hope they aren't too bad for me. :P

Went shopping tonight and bought a pair of pink stripey shorts that are a size smaller than I "normally" wear, and they FIT!! I bought them without even trying them on because I decided if they were a little small, that was okay, because I would fit them soon. So, I am officially down a size, hallelujah!! Also got an XL shirt that goes great with the shorts. Normally I would need XXL or 3x. :) It's a little snug, but it looks okay. I feel GOOD right now.

WEIGH IN and measurements in the morning! Just praying for at least the 2.8 pound loss that'll give me a 20 pound total loss so far. I'm in such a good mood about the shorts, just hoping to stay in a good mood! DON'T FAIL ME NOW, SCALE!

Night, loves!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wake up time: 10:15am

10:30am- Breakfast. (Special K) Vanilla almond cereal and half a banana in almond milk, jillian michael's fat burner pill and a big glass of water.

2:25pm- Lunch. Left-over enchilada chicken paillard and a small salad with ranch dressing from last night.

3:45pm- Work Out. Day 3 of (level 1) Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.
Can't decide if I love or hate this! I feel good after doing it, but during it it's just killer and I'm wanting it to hurry up and be over! Guess that is any real work out though, huh?

8:25pm- Dinner. 3 chicken fajita taco's on low carb wheat flour tortilla's with guacamole, shredded cheese, avocado, tomato, grilled onion, grilled bellpepper and picante sauce + Jillian Michael's fat burner pill and a diet cherry coke.

My first award!

I'm pretty excited, because 3(2)chicksonwws has given me my first award. Yay!
Thanks you 2, it means a lot to me! :)

To claim this award, you are supposed to share 7 things about yourself and then pass it along to fellow bloggers of your choice...Be sure to copy the picture onto your blog as well...

                                                  7 Things About Me

1. I was born and raised in Texas, and have not been out of state for more than about 3 days at a time.
2. I have always been the "chubby" girl and I am looking to change that.
3. I have no kids, yet.
4. I am 23 years old.
5. I'd love to walk a marathon, or at least a half marathon sometime in the next year or two...
6. I'm the youngest of 3 girls.
7. I have never in my life been this motivated to lose weight - and I am hoping that means it'll work this time.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wake up time: Somehow the kids I babysit let me sleep in 'til 11:50am, lol. I'm not complaining, seeing as how I wasn't in bed 'til after 2am.

12:05pm- Breakfast. Special K vanilla almond cereal and half a banana in almond milk + Jillian Michael's Fat Burner pill.

A little bit after breakfast I vacuumed (edges of walls and everything) and then did a sink full of dishes. I think the pill is giving me good energy... and I am only taking half a dose!

3:00pm- Work out. Level 1 of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.

4:00pm- Lunch. 2 left over taco/burritos from last night. Ground turkey taco meat, low carb flour tortilla's, shredded cheese, lettuce, picante sauce, guacamole.

8:10pm- Snack. Handful of cashew pieces.

8:30pm- Dinner. Low carb enchilada chicken paillard  & a small salad with ranch dressing.

Decided to start the Dr. Oz "Just 10 Challenge"
You should too!
I just don't think I will be weighing every day...

Btw, I'm hoping to lose at least 2.8 pounds this week to reach a 20 pound total loss.