Weight Loss Goals

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday and Friday's logs

                                                      Thursday's log-

Wake up time: 10:00am

10:45am - Breakfast. A serving of special k fruit & yogurt cereal with a few chopped pecans in almond milk.

2:45pm - Lunch. 10 multi-grain saltine crackers with chicken salad on them.

Around 8:00pm - Dinner.  A buffet. But, I had a decent sized salad, and then some bourbon chicken, broccoli & like 3 pieces each of beef and chicken fajita meat.

As for today, Friday, I don't even want to discuss! Let's just say I was gone all day working a craft show and had few food options. I could have probably gone with a little bit healthier options, but I did what I did and it's done. Today became a total cheat day. I had a little bit of banana bread around 10am, BBQ stuffed baked potato for lunch, then 2 bites of chocolate cake before I decided I wanted a slice, and when they were out, I got a big brownie instead of just going "okay! they're out! that's a sign!" Then I had 2 slices of pizza for dinner.

Yeah, CHEAT -DAY-. All day. I feel like crap for it, but I am sooo not keeping it up. It happened, it's done, and I'm moving on from it.

The weird thing is, I felt a little high  off that big brownie after eating it. I haven't had unnatural sugar like that in a while, especially a lot like that in one sitting... So, I guess the "sugar high" thing is no joke!

Btw, today was weigh day and I weighed this morning with like a pound gain, but I started my T.O.M yesterday and I just felt completely bloated and like crap. I just hope my food choices for today don't cause me to gain like 5 flippin' pounds on next weeks weigh-in...

I have a craft show again tomorrow, where I will make better decisions! And after the craft show (about 6pm) I will take my butt walking for a good couple of miles...


  1. aww its ok keep your head up. think of it this way its one slip up and one one pound gain in how many weeks. You are doing great. this time why don't you pack a healthy lunch so you don't get tempted to buy that unhealthy stuff. Well if you are allowed to go in there with food. If not go for green leafy things and stay away from sweets and stuff with a lot of sauce. Good luck and don't stress it.

  2. Thanks girl! We all have rough days and weeks, but we just keep on trucking! I wish I knew people in my area that are in the same boat as all of us. It would be nice to have an exercise buddy to keep me accountable.
    Hope you're having a good weekend!