Weight Loss Goals

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wake up time: 9:40am but laid in bed and dozed on and off til like 10:30am.

11:25am - Breakfast. Bowl of Special K fruit in yogurt cereal in almond milk with some added crushed pecans and half a small banana.

2:30pm - Lunch. A salad with dry roasted sunflower seeds and ranch dressing.

5:40pm - Snack. A low carb whole wheat tortilla, spread with natural peanut butter and natural honey.

7:10pm - Dinner. Corned beef and sauteed cabbage with sausage in it.

10:30pm - Drink. Zero calorie limeade stuff.

I decided to slowly bring working out back into my daily routine and I meant to start today but it was a busy day... tomorrow, definitely...and i'll be doing squats, crunches and some leg/arm stretches until I get excited enough about working out to do more.


  1. Good job let me know how it goes. I have faith that you will get motivated keep your head up. I am happy you are choosing to start again.

  2. See?! You did a good job on the late-night stuff! I like having a zero-calorie drink late...I call it "dessert." LOL! But...it works. My mind thinks that it's had something sweet, but I know that it's healthier than a dish of ice cream or a chocolate bar.

    GREAT WORK!!!!

  3. Yeah, ice cream sounded GREAT but I just decided to have some limeade, and I'm really good about just drinking water all day, so I figured it would be nice to have a little something different. :D

    Squats and crunches today when the kids are napping, no matter what! (Trying to keep this on my mind so I don't forget :P)