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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tattoo & Piercings (Saturday)

Around 2pm I had 3 leftover ground turkey meatballs from yesterday and at 11:00pm I had 2 hot dogs cut up with chili, and some aaamazing seasoned sweet potato chips.

I was at the tattoo shop practically all day (from 3:30 to 11pm) so I wasn't able to eat like a normal human being. :P I'm glad I was able to get 2 piercings and a tattoo i've been wanting, all for only $70.

I'm sooo tired though. I'm pretty sure I will be calling it an early night tonight...even though it's already 12:15am, I'm just real tired, feel like jumping into my PJ's and laying down to some TV, and that's exactly what I'm fixing to be doing, after I get caught up with everyone's blogs. :)


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