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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey, all!
I've been doing pretty good this week...and I'm happy about that. I don't feel like I have eaten quite as much as I was, even though it wasn't a whole whole lot before. I don't count carbs or calories so I don't really know what my intake is, but I feel like I have done better this week.

Also, I think I mentioned that it already takes me 20-30 minutes (I am eating lunch as I type this, and have only eaten 1 out of 3 meatballs in 15 minutes) to eat a meal, so now with every meal, I try to take my time and make sure it's really chewed up. I try to chew each bite for at least 30 seconds, even though as soon as the food hits my mouth, my throat gets a feeling of wanting to swallow. Haha, that must be my fat girl mentality!

The last 2 weeks or so, my weigh day has been off. My typical weigh-in day is Friday, but last week it was Sunday. I will probably weigh this week on Saturday morning, and then try to stick with that.

                                                  -Today's Food Log-

Wake up time: 9:30am

10:15am - Breakfast. Multi-grain oats and honey cereal with added chopped pecans in almond milk.

11:50am - Exercise. Zumba 20-minutes express.

Note: I was very tired and wanted a nap while the kids napped, and after arguing with myself in my head about it; I chose to do zumba instead. I'm tired of excuses for blowing off exercise, so sleepiness wasn't gonna cut it. I did zumba, showered and then, although I could  have worked a nice hour long nap in there, I -didn't- need it. I guess the exercise did me some good. :)

2:10pm - Lunch. 3 ground turkey meatballs.

7:30pm - Dinner. About half a small rotisserie chicken (no skin) and some canned (bleh!) green beans.

9:50pm -  Exercise. 50 sit-ups on the ab rocket. I think this thing works my thighs more than my abs! Phew!


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