Weight Loss Goals

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My first award!

I'm pretty excited, because 3(2)chicksonwws has given me my first award. Yay!
Thanks you 2, it means a lot to me! :)

To claim this award, you are supposed to share 7 things about yourself and then pass it along to fellow bloggers of your choice...Be sure to copy the picture onto your blog as well...

                                                  7 Things About Me

1. I was born and raised in Texas, and have not been out of state for more than about 3 days at a time.
2. I have always been the "chubby" girl and I am looking to change that.
3. I have no kids, yet.
4. I am 23 years old.
5. I'd love to walk a marathon, or at least a half marathon sometime in the next year or two...
6. I'm the youngest of 3 girls.
7. I have never in my life been this motivated to lose weight - and I am hoping that means it'll work this time.

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