Weight Loss Goals

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wake up time: 10:30am

11:40am - Breakfast. Bowl of Special K fruit and yogurt cereal with chopped almonds and half a banana inside it, in almond milk.  + Fat burner pill.

3:00pm - Lunch. One ground turkey burrito on a low carb whole wheat flour tortilla.

8:15pm- Dinner. 2 grilled chicken fajita taco's on low carb whole wheat flour tortilla's.

No work out.

The kids I babysit have completely stressed me out bad ALL WEEK. I really haven't had the time or patience to even try to work out because when they are napping I'm enjoying the silence...seriously... Yes, it has been that bad this week.

If I don't work out tomorrow while I'm babysitting then as soon as I get home (tomorrow is my last day of babysitting for the week - til Monday) then I'm going to take my happy ass walking for a WHILE when I get home.

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  1. Walking is great I was stuck at the same weight for a week when I first started walking then I stepped it up a notch and want and weighed in last night and lost 3 lbs on one week. I also read some where that it is a good way to burn stubborn belly fat I will let you know if thats true cuz I just started taking my measurements last week. I walk 5 1/2 miles sat. and Sunday and Monday Wednesday and Friday I walk 2 miles. its always outside too I don't get motivated on a treadmill if I has an elliptical that would be a different story. sorry that was long but I hopes it helps -Kim-