Weight Loss Goals

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I weighed-in and took measurements today.

I lost 1.8lb this week (THANK GOD I had a loss, considering my cheat day on Friday!) I'm happy to see a loss and not a gain. I was worried about it, freaking out thinking that I would gain 5 lb back and have to spend the next 2 weeks redeeming myself. Obviously that wasn't the case.

Measurements seemed to have stayed the same in the last 3 weeks, which is odd that I have lost approx. 5 pounds in that time and no real changes in the measurements. I am pretty sure it's because I haven't been working out at all. This week, while babysitting, I plan to at least go walking everyday, and to at least try to get 30 squats and 50-100 crunches in daily. I need to lose one more inch off my waist for my 10 inch off waist goal! I can do this!

I lost about half an inch off my hips and bust and like 3/4 inch off my waist in 3 weeks so that SUCKS. I was getting a good 2-3 inches every 2 weeks, so I have got to kick it back in gear and stop fucking around and being a lazy ass.

Yesterday was a better day for me eating wise. I wasn't able to pack my own lunch because we had nothing at home to pack, and I was going to get a salad from somewhere for lunch but I couldn't get a ride to leave the place, so they were serving BBQ sandwiches and sausage on a stick/bun at the place. I got a sausage on a stick with water. I had -A BITE- of banana cake that my friend wanted me to try. When she was done with it, she offered me the other half of it and I declined. She tried to pressure me in to taking it, but I still declined and told her I coudn't mess up again like I had Friday. I had a subway salad for an early dinner, and I had one dr.pepper and rum at home around 9 or something.

I was going to have boiled cabbage and potatoes that my sister made but by the time it was done it was like 11pm, so I decided to eat that today for lunch. I am fixing to go make me a bowl of that right now.

I have officially lost 26.6 pounds since I started my journey, and have 25.8 pounds to go for my summer goal! All still looks good for reaching this goal before July. :)

I'm not going to track my food today, because I plan on being busy, but, I definitely am not going to screw up, so no worries! I'm also going to go for a good long walk today with my niece's sometime after lunch.

Going to get me some lunch now!

Oh and thanks to everyone for the kind words, even when I screwed up Friday! You were all very nice and It made me stop worrying so much about the cheat and just get over it since it had already happened. I loves you guys! <3


  1. WHOOO HOOOO! See! There was a loss! Keep goin'!

  2. yay congrats from ireland lol I have internet!!! But this is my way of communicating with my parents so no blogging till i get back on the 3rd. congrats again keep up the good work I am going to be weighing in for 2 weeks worth and theres no nutrition info or anything over here im screwed!!! LOL I am trying to make good choices but so far theres none really offered