Weight Loss Goals

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In and today's food log.

Wake up time: Noonish.

3:45pm - Lunch. A piece of seasoned & grilled tilapia and some seasoned and grilled squash.

I am back "home" from babysitting, and there really isn't anything healthy and non-dairy here to eat. I need to go to the store and get some special k cereal and almond milk to eat for breakfast here.

5:00pm - Work out. Got in about a mile and a half walk. I was using my runkeeper app on my phone to track and my phone completely shut off when I was half-way back home, but by that point I had walked about a mile and a quarter...

5:45pm - Snack. Allowed myself one very, very small piece of white chocolate/peanut butter fudge. I ate it slowly, sucking on every bite til it was completely melted. It was delicious.

8:30pm - Dinner. 3 baked ground turkey meatballs.

I had my weekly weigh in today and lost another 2 pounds for the week. :) I wore my new-sized shorts and got compliments from 2 different people who haven't seen me in months about how I look smaller. :D I have complete faith that I will reach my summer goal by about mid-june! I'm excited!


  1. Keep the faith! You'll reach your summer goal!

  2. Congrats again thats great!!! I have faith in you too! Keep up the good work.