Weight Loss Goals

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wake up time: 8:45am

9:30am - Breakfast. A breakfast burrito with 2 eggs, scrambled and 1 and a half turkey sausage patties cut up, and picante sauce.

2:30pm - Lunch. A piece of baked salmon and left-over green bean casserole.

6:30pm - Snack. A handful of whole wheat cheez-it's.

8:15pm - Dinner. 2 ground turkey burrito's with guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese and picante sauce on low carb whole wheat flour tortilla's.

11:00pm - Dessert. A small slice of altered pumpkin pie. Pecans, butter and artificial sweetner as the pie crust instead of actual pie crust. A couple of other things might have been altered as well to make it a bit healthier (I didn't make it) and a small glass of almond milk.

No work out again today. Needed some sleep and didn't quite get it. I had a horrible dream/sleep paralysis (at nap time) so I woke up feeling worse than I did before I laid down. My throat was real itchy today also, so I kept coughing... bleh! I'm hoping I'm getting over being sick... I seem to be better. I really need to get back into work out mode! Or maybe I just need to find a better work out. I like the 30 day shred, but i'm never motivated about it, and that's probably because of how tough it is. I just dread it, but force myself into doing it. I -can- do it but maybe I'm just not physically ready for it. Or maybe I'm just being a pu**y and need to stop complaining and just do it! I like to be excited about working out though, I like looking forward to it. Maybe I should go back to hip hop abs for now, 'til I drop 10-20 more pounds.


  1. Good eats you've got there. Yum! Hope you're out of the sick field, too. :)

  2. Yea I started off walking because I wasnt quite there yet good luck and if you start hip hop abs let me know if it works LOL I wanted to try it but thought it was a scam. O and btw your not being a pu**y you just know whats too much on your body right now. you will get there I give you props for starting it -Kim-

  3. @ Kim - I've done hip hop abs. I did it for a couple of weeks. I actually liked it because it wasn't too hard, and it was kind of fun so I looked forward to it. I did, however, like the burn the jillian michael's gives and I never noticed a burn like that with HHA but it was a little bit of a longer session. I just think I need to wait until my body can handle it.

    & Thanks, Mcgee! I try to still enjoy my meals but still be eating healthy. And I think I am pretty well out of the sick zone... at least for the most part!