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Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In + Measurements!

I lost 3.8 more pounds this week! So, in 5 weeks I have lost 12 pounds. This isn't my "ideal" weight-loss for 5 weeks, BUT, I'm losing it in a healthy way. I'm so used to losing a pound a day from the way I would lose weight in the past. I'd eat one very small thing a day, drink water water and more water and exercise 2-3 times a day. I literally lost 1 pound a day, but I'm sure that was muscle and stuff too, plus it never lasted long because I wasn't eating and I was miserable and starving, so after a couple of weeks, I would just give up and start stuffing my face. The pounds I did lose came back in a matter of days. Those weeks seemed like they took FOREVER, this month...nothing! It doesn't feel like it's been very long at all. But unfortunately I'm expecting the same results from the scale, and I'm not getting it, and I need to teach myself to accept that I am at least losing something, and not gaining or maintaining.

I just realize I've been tracking my weight and measurements for FIVE weeks today. I was thinking it was 4. See? Time flies!

I took measurements and these I'm pretty happy about.
I haven't posted my measurements at all, so, screw it...I'm gonna post them! Keep in mind, I measure every TWO weeks.

Week One-
Bust: 50 ½
Waist: 51
Hips: 50

Week Three-
Bust: 50 1/4
Waist: 48 1/4
Hips: 52 1/4

Week Five-
Bust: 49 ½
Waist: 45
Hips: 50
Right Thigh: 26 ½
Left Thigh: 26 ½
(First time doing thighs.)

I have 3 pairs of goal jeans. I tried them on today and they were actually even SMALLER than I expected them to be. They are only a size or 2 smaller than my current jeans, but they fit much differently. These pants are from years ago, too, but brand new with tags. I think they run small, which is good, just means I've got to lose even more and I will look even better when I CAN fit into them! A few more inches and I should be able to fit in one of the pairs...hmmm, maybe in the next 2 weeks! I will probably try them on every week or two. :P

By the way, can anyone PLEASE tell me how to add stuff to the side of your page? I noticed people adding their stats, goals or progress pictures to the side of their blog, not part of their actual blog posts that always shows up, and I can't figure it out for the life of me!


  1. Yay! I took my measurements the other day also and was soo pleasantly surprised at the fact that I have in fact lost inches :) I have beeen thinking my pants and even underwear havent been fitting the same.. but since I don't SEE a difference, I shrugged it off.. but sure enough I have lost :) Feels great doesn't it?

    If you go into your dashboard and go to Design, you can add "gadgets" and add the text one :)

  2. Yeah, it feels pretty great! And, i'm like you, I kind of feel like things are fitting better or a little looser, But I see myself every day so I'm not seeing much of a physical change, although people are telling me I look smaller. I'm just excited for the next coming months! :) :)

    Thanks so much! I've been to that place to add a gadget but apparently every time I went to it, I over-looked the "Text" option. Thanks!!

  3. Congratulations on the great progress!! You are doing it!!