Weight Loss Goals

Saturday, February 26, 2011

                                                        **This is Friday's post**

I ended up being able to weigh today. I forgot that there is a scale in the house I am in, so I weighed this morning. So taking into consideration it is a different scale than my own, and it is my T.O.M, My 2 pound loss this week isn't so bad. :P As a matter of fact, I am starting to feel okay and more comfortable with slow and steady. Yeah, it'll take longer to reach my goal, but it should be a lot easier to keep weight OFF, because I never want it back! Plus, I am trying to make a life change, not just weight loss and then go back to eating like crap. So, I have plenty of time! ... Except, I'd like to have at least a 50 pound loss by Summer, that would be nice. And, considering i've already lost 17.2 pounds, that means I only have to lose 32.8 more pounds and I've got about 5 months to do it. But... I am looking to lose 35 more pounds by then so I can be in Onederland! :P

Wake up time: 9:15am

10:30am- Breakfast. Vanilla almond cereal in almond milk.

1:50pm- Lunch. Grilled salmon and macaroni & cheese. I should not have had the macaroni but there was nothing else to eat with the fish and that is what I made the kids (that I babysit) for lunch. There was a little salad but no salad dressing. That was pretty much my only other option.

2:50pm- Work out. The first 8 minutes of 30 day shred.
Yeah, I know the total work out is like 30 minutes... but those of you who've done it know that 8 minutes is still pretty darn tough! And, women, it's my TOM! I didn't think I would be doing -any- working out the 2nd day of my "female" time...

4:40pm- Sweet tooth. Made a small cup of almond milk with about a quarter to half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and one packet of 0 calorie sweetner to curb a sweet tooth. I'm sure it beats the cup of vanilla pudding I almost had.

Around 8:00pm- Dinner. A buffet. Didn't have much, and nothing fried. Had a little sweets that I shouldn't have, but over-all I did well.


  1. Good Job!!! 2 pounds is def. better than a fast fix and if you loose 2 lbs a week until june you will loose 32 lbs and you wont have all that sag skin most ppl get from a fast weight loss gradually loosing weight is always the key to loose weight and keep it off. Keep your head up girly and congrats.

  2. Thanks! :) Yeah I definitely don't want the sag skin! I try to work out every day during the week and if I can't "work out" I at least try to get in some squats and crunches, because I want a cute flat belly, not just loose and blah.

    Oh and thanks for doing that Math for me! That's great news... That means I should have at least reached one of my goals by summer, Yay!