Weight Loss Goals

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wake up time: 9:30am.

10:20am- Breakfast. Kellogg's (special k) cinnamon pecan cereal and half a banana in almond milk.

2:10pm- Lunch. 2 ground turkey taco's leftover from last night. Same toppings added as I added last night.

Around 8pm- Dinner. A big, unhealthy burrito with chicken, steak, chile con queso, refried beans and guacomole. Sooo not good and I feel like crap, especially since weigh day is tomorrow.

I've decided that if not tomorrow then by MONDAY I am going super-strict on myself again. I've somehow lost a little (luckily not all) motivation and am allowing myself to sink. I'm only going to end up gaining weight back at this rate and I wouldn't doubt if I did this week. It will be extremely discouraging if I have but it would be my own fault. I'm gonna try to eat good this weekend, but I will be drinking Saturday night, if not Friday too. Definitely Monday I will be on my on ass again about this... I've got to start working out daily again as well, at least during the week. I CANNOT give up!


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