Weight Loss Goals

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A happy rant

People have got me thinking a lot about summer.

My goal is to have lost 50 pounds (total) by June or July. That means I have 32.8 pounds to lose in a 4-5 month period. But, aside from that goal, is another goal to hit "ONEderland"...and I only need to lose about 35 more pounds for that. So, If everything goes as it is suppose to, I should be hitting 2 big goals around the same time. :)

I'm love-love-loving my weight loss. Yeah, it hasn't been going as fast as I want it, but does it ever? I'd like to lose it over night and everyone knows that isn't possible! Atleast I know I am working for it! Anyway, the reason I am loving it, is not only because I am looking better and feeling better, but I am getting compliments. People are NOTICING. A friend, last night, told me I was looking "skinnntyyy" LOL... her way of saying skinny. Of course, I am sooo far from "skinnty" but it's still the point that she noticed. Before that, I was sitting on a barstool and she hollared "dang girl, how much weight have you lost? You look good!" and I had another friend tell me I looked good, and someone else pointed out that you could tell I had lost some weight.

I love it! You know, you see yourself in a mirror daily and even though maybe your clothes are getting bigger and you look a little smaller, you yourself don't notice your weight loss like others do. Especially people that don't see you on a daily or even sometimes weekly basis. It's just fantastic to know that it really is paying off!

My jeans are getting too big, i'm having to pull them up every few minutes. They aren't so big they are falling OFF, obviously, but it's a noticable looseness that wasn't there before. -ALSO- I'm really excited to announce that 2 out of 3 of my "goal" jeans fit!! One pair fits pretty good, the other pair didn't fit either last week or the week before but fit now, they are a little snug, but they buttoned and zipped, without me laying on the bed and sucking in for dear life. Which, even if I laid on the bed and sucked in for dear life a month ago, they still wouldn't have fit or even made it up completely over my hips. The 3rd pair is the same brand and size as the "snug" pair but made with 99% cotton and 1% spandex. The ones that I can fit into are 88% cotton, 10% polyester and 2% spandex. Anyway, one of my early goals is/was to fit into those jeans, and I did it! Give me a couple of weeks, darnit, and that 3rd pair will fit! (Should I mark off this goal as completed, or wait until the 3rd pair fit aswell to mark it off my achievments?)

I'm stoked! As of this far *knock on wood* I haven't gained even a pound back. Sure, i've had a week where I only lost .2 pounds, but I haven't GAINED anything back, and for that, I am proud.

I give a lot of thanks to my blog, my followers and those that I am following. This brings me a ton of inspiration and motivation; More than I ever expected, really.

I've also created a new ticker, for my summer goal. :)

Both tickers have been added into the top of my blog, so I no longer have to manually add them into each post. :) Obviously, the first one is my summer goal and the second one is my over-all goal. :D

Thanks again, everyone!



  1. I would mark the goal as completed if it doesn't say all three pairs. But it is a goal completed so congrats on that its a great feeling isn't it? I have faith in you for loosing your 50 by summer you seem real motivated, and if times get hard like I said before I'm here to help if you need me. Oh and lucky you I've lost almost 20 lbs and Nobody says anything :( its ok though I guess its because they see me all the time. I feel better so thats all that matters. Congrats again!

  2. Yeah, I'll mark it as completed. After-all, I am fitting into 2/3 pairs so I'm doing more better than worse. :D

    Thanks so much for your faith! I am very motivated. Yeah I've made a few bad eating choices but they are never crazy all out binges, and I still try to watch what I'm eating.

    I'm sure your 20 pounds is noticeable. :) People who are always around you won't notice so much as someone who, say, hasn't seen you since you started. :)

    Thanks and keep up your good work as well!

  3. Wow, the not gaining back any weight bit is super impressive. I have been dieting since November and have lost 36 lbs but I would have been a lot further along if I didn't do a good month and a half of gaining and losing the same 5-10 lbs over the holidays. Seriously frustrating! So, good on you for not doing that. You'll save yourself so much heartache if you can keep that up :)

    Thanks for popping by my blog. I'm a follower now so I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  4. I started in January so lucky for me the holiday's were just over! Lol. I have eaten out and stuff (which I plan on cutting completely out again) but luckily have been able to redeem myself. I eat out 1 or 2 times a week, typically. It needs to be 0 times a week. I did really good with that in the beginning, but I've slowly allowed it to happen again once or twice a week. I -will- end up gaining weight back if I keep letting things slide.

    Thanks for the comment and for following me! I look forward to reading more about your journey as well.

  5. We have a similar june goal! My goal is to lose 40 lbs from feb 19th - jun 19th, I lost 37 lbs my first 4 month goal. I like to break them down into months instead of lbs, keeps me more focused I guess?

    I might steal your 'tickers at the top of the page' idea. ;)

    Also, I love pink. the end. :)

  6. That's awesome! It seems to motivate me more when people have similar goals and stuff. Keeps me focused. :) I've been on my weight-loss kick for I guess about 7 or 8 weeks. I've lost 17.2 pounds, which is good but not GREAT to me. Congratulations on your 37 lb loss in 4 months, and good luck on your new goal!! I know we can do it!

    Steal the tickers! They are also good with keeping you motivated and focused, and easier for your readers to see exactly where you are in your weigh loss. :)

    I love pink too! I probably look like a pepto bottle at LEAST 70% of the time, lol Thanks for the comment!