Weight Loss Goals

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wake up time: 9:20am

10:00am - Work out. Zumba 20-minutes express.
I've never done ANY kind of work out first thing in the morning, but this was fun, and I really felt it, I guess because my muscles were still in sleep mode.

11:00am - Breakfast. Kellogg's Special K "fruit & yogurt" cereal with added chopped pecans and natural honey in almond milk.

2:00pm - Work out. Walked 3 miles with Leslie Sansone!

3:00pm - Lunch. 2 ground turkey meatballs.
Threw some (of my families) natural honey on top of the raw balls and baked them, OMG, amazing!

(About) 8:15pm - Dinner.  The plan for Olive garden got screwed, and I was really looking forward to it, since I've been craving it and I already had my healthy option picked out. We went to a Mexican restaurant, Casa Ole, instead, Where I had a taco salad with grilled chicken fajita and queso... ahhhh! This was fattening and I knew it, but it sounded good and screw it. Hopefully this doesn't screw up my weigh in  Saturday.

Oh, and I got a new blog layout & signature! :)

P.S. I am taking an award from Rejecting 300 and "wearing" it proudly!
To anyone who has also lost 25 pounds, take it and proclaim it yourself! 
All thanks goes out to Rejecting 300 for this one... she made it and it's fabulous. Great motivation!


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