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Monday, April 11, 2011

HCG Diet?

Well, I don't know if it is from my poor food choices this weekend, from drinking as much as I did, or a combination of both, but my stomach is not agreeing with me at all since last night. It could also be the 2 slices of greasy pizza I ate, or like I said, a combo of a couple of things. Either way, I don't plan on eating that way again... or consuming so much alcohol in a day. :P

I have been reading reviews and "dangers" of the HCG Diet. I am really considering giving it a try after sitting here for like 2 hours reading tons of reviews. Pretty much every review I read was from people that it worked for and that highly recommend it. Two people it worked for but they DON'T recommend it, and like one person it didn't seem to work for. I figure I could jump start my way to my summer goal. If the diet works like it's supposed to, I KNOW I'd reach my goal by summer! It's still up in the air though, but apparently you lose 1-2 pounds a day, and I can get a 45 day kit for $99. Not bad! I can get the 45 day kit cheaper if I talk my sister into getting the couples kit with me, then it'd only be $65 each.
Has anybody (or anyone you know) tried this? I know 1girlgettinfit is on it, and has lost 9.2 pounds in her first week. Nice! I asked her to email me more info...so I'm just waiting on that. :) I've read many reviews and more often than not, the people are definitely pleased, and recommend the product.

I'm worried about losing weight too quickly and then gaining it back, but even if I do the diet, I will go back to doing what I am doing right now. I don't plan on getting done with the diet and then going on a crazy eating frenzy. Plus, I've lost 30lb in a HEALTHY way so maybe that'll help. And I think the last phase of the HCG diet is a maintaining phase, so you don't gain back.

I'll keep reading up on it, but I do think I want to give it a try!

Food/exercise Log coming later. :)


  1. Oh my this sounds horrible and dangerous and look what I found...

    ABC affiliate KSPR recently interviewed a Springfield, Missouri doctor who cautioned "It's a way to lose weight; you do dramatically reduce weight," but Dr. James Bonucchi explains, not because of the hormone-because you're starving yourself and paying the price for the rest of your life... (there are) problems with hair loss, some irreversible hair-loss. I see in my clinic problems with thyroid function tests being abnormal," Bonucchi says the hormone is not only ineffective- "HCG does not replace any nutrients in the body"- he also says it's dangerous. "Outside of pregnancy it can alter thyroid function, it can alter a woman's ovulatory cycle. In a man it can alter testosterone production."

    So yea it might make you loose weigh but is it worth it and...
    They haven't endangered their health......yet! Messing with hormones is dangerous ...period!! Weight loss sicence has been around for as long as I can remember ..but eating so few calories and injesting a hormone to trick your body into thinking it's pregnant is NOT healthy.(this is what a person wrote about it and it made a lot of sense. the hormone they are putting in this diet is found in pregnant womens urine...sick!!)

  2. Hi - I really don't know very much about the HGG diet and like 2 chicks have a bit of a concern about issues. However - you didn't ask for my opinion on it....you wanted to know if anyone knew about it ...and I can help there! I follow a blog from a girl very successfully following it - maybe go over there and ask Michaela. Good luck whatever you choose
    Her blog is

  3. I see you are a new follower of my blog- as I am now following yours! :) I have had immense success on HCG!

    Just to add my two cents: I wrote this post awhile back that you might be interested in? It addresses some concerns and my irritation with people who claim this is dangerous and all you are doing is starving yourself. Us, HCGer's definitely do not look like we are starving! http://hellohcg.blogspot.com/2011/03/success-and-of-course-rant.html

    All I would suggest to research, research, research. Also, it is true some people do not have great results or like it- as is the truth with any diet. However, you cannot start this diet not prepared or fully in understanding of the science and theory behind it. If you do this then all of the sudden that theory will be shown to you in actual proof. This diet was formulated by a respected MD for over 40 years of observation and study...

    Good luck!

  4. everyone I know thats done HCG has gained it ALL back (most + some) when they stop taking the hormone. Putting a crazy hormone into our bodies is not safe IMO.

    There is no quick fix or magic "pill" The only thing that works is hard work -diet and exercise plain and simple.

    Best of luck.

  5. Do your research and make your own conclusions but here are my points:
    1). It is not a crazy hormone it is something your body already creates on its own.
    2). Yes anyone on a 500 calorie a day diet would loose weight- but they would also be starving and have no energy.-You have plenty of energy because you are burning fat and that is were your energy is coming from not the food you eat.
    3). This is not a miracle cure- the diet is very limited and hard to stick to, especially if you have an active social life. But its only 23 to 40 days so you can do it!
    4). As in any diet if you go from healthy eating to main-ling pizza's when you are done of course you are going to gain the weight back- HCG is different because during the stabilization period (P3)your hypothalamus in your brain resets the way your body metabolizes things.
    5). P3 requires another month of a strict no sugar no starch diet.
    6). It works for me and I love it! But its a huge commitment!