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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A rant of sorts

I read an entry over at Why wait's blog and it got me thinking.

Does anybody here, who's lost a significant amount of weight, have those people in their lives telling them how good they look now, how pretty they've become, etc?

It's like... how do you even respond to that? Happy, sad, confused?

For me, It usually makes me feel pretty good, because this is how I look -now- and they are complimenting me. It look a lot of hard work and determination to lose 33.4 pounds, and I feel like it's really paid off when people notice and compliment me. And I still have about 60 more pounds to lose!!

But, what about the people before you lost weight?
The family members and friends who ridiculed you because you were "too big".
My mother, so many times in my life, has told me how "beautiful" I would be if I just lost some weight. MY MOM. Shouldn't my mother already find me beautiful? And, technically speaking, beauty and health are 2 total opposites. If I am not "beautiful" now, then what will dropping some weight really do? Weight loss isn't  some kind of instant face lift or make-over or something. Losing weight might *ENHANCE MY CURRENT FEATURES* but it can't make someone beautiful that isn't already!

My brother in law, many times in the past, told me and my niece that we would never find a "good man" unless we lost weight. What?? A "good man" is going to see me on the inside and out. A good man is going to see through the outside, for what I am on the inside. And most of all, a good man is going to love ME for who I already am on the inside, not what I am or am not on the outside.

It's just very irritating to think about.

I started this weight loss journey because I realized I needed to lose weight. I didn't want to keep going at the rate I was going, and just keep gaining weight, until one day I realized I was one of them people, stuck in their house and unable to move or go anywhere. Too big to get off the couch. I did this for my health. I wanted to start weight loss and put an end to weigh gain. I am 23, and I want to look good and feel good. I'm sick of being insecure and uncomfortable in my own body and I'm doing something about it.

-I AM- doing something about it! Those people who wanted to put their two sense in never did a thing to help me in weight loss, and they damn sure aren't the reason that I started this journey! I am doing this for me and for nobody else.

So basically, those nasty comments really did nothing but make me more insecure, and probably made me eat more to forget the pain I felt from them. They didn't help me, that's for sure.

All I can do now is lose weight for me
and then laugh in the faces of those who thought I could never do it!


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I posted new pics on facebook today and someone said "Where's Gabby? You tagged her..." so I said haha very funny and there response was: "No really, this girl obv more attractive..." I didn't know what to say to that so I just said "Not exactly sure that is a compimlent! You look great now.. but before not so much." You have to do it for you and nobody else! The positive comments are great but they are noting compared to the self esteem boost you get from just feeling better in your skin!

  2. Dont listen to anybody ashley you are beautiful and always have been beautiful and if they can not see that then FUCK THEM!! That pisses me off to a point you wont understand. Some people do not think before they talk and maybe thats not what they meant but its too hard to take something back thats already crushed you inside and out. I had this problem with a few people in my life even when I weighed 120. I mean I am surprised I wasn't anorexic. Keep your head up girl you are beautiful inside and outside.

  3. People have been that way with me too throughout my life. "You would be so pretty if you just lost some weight," "you have such a pretty face," etc. Always made me feel like crap. I have always believed that I was nothing. That no matter what I did, it wouldn't be good enough, so why even try. So here I am now. I'm not comfortable in my own skin. You have your whole life ahead of you and you're doing awesome! You're beautiful now, just like you were beautiful before you lost the weight...don't let anyone make you believe different. You are right about the "good man" thing. The "good man" will love you no matter what you look like on the outside. I love your blog...keep up the great work.