Weight Loss Goals

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wake up time: 10:00am

10:45 - Breakfast. A bowl of Kellogg's special k Mutligrain oats and honey cereal with added chopped pecans and some natural honey in almond milk.

1:45pm - Work out. Zumba 20-minutes express.

2:30pm - Lunch. A salad with a can of (drained) tuna and sunflower seeds, with ranch dressing.

4:45 - Work out. Walked 2 miles with Leslie Sansone.
I really, really wanted to do 3 miles... but the youngest that I babysit has learned to climb out of the bathtub (She's 1½) and no matter how many times I got on to her and stuck her back in, she kept climbing back out and shutting the bathroom door. Needless to say, it just stressed me out and I kept having to pause the video to go tend to her. I just got to 2 miles and gave up.

7:25pm - Dinner. A bowl of roast with broccoli and onions.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, sounds like a great day! 2 miles is better than I can do walking. I usually quit after one!

    Love your food, the salad sounds yummy! I might try that next week. Except I have sprouted pumpkin seeds!!! mmmmmm

    Thanks for visiting my blog today! And about the peanut butter, I like all kinds, so even the "natural" can't make me stop at one simple serving. Gaaaaaahhhhh!!!