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Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday's log

Wake up time: 9:45am

11:00am - Breakfast. A bowl of (Special K) Cinnamon pecan cereal w/ added honey in almond milk.

1:35pm - Snack. About a handful of cheez-it crackers. (I waited to long to eat, got hungry and just grabbed those before making lunch.)

2:25pm - Lunch. A grilled chicken salad with half a boneless skinless grilled chicken breast, roasted sunflower seeds and ranch dressing.

3:30pm - Exercise. 20-minutes Zumba express.

5:50pm - Snack. One "carrot cake" carbmaster yogurt.

8:00pm - Dinner. Chinese buffet where I only had grilled foods. No rice. No eggrolls. I did good! I had a little dessert but nothing major.

1 comment:

  1. good job! buffets are usually people worse enemy lol. I dont think I could go to an all you can eat place and not mess up. That is something I keep myself away from lol. like I said though good job Im proud of you :) Keep it up girly and you will be where you want to be soon