Weight Loss Goals

Monday, April 25, 2011

HCG Drops, Day 3 [R1P2D1]

Wake up time: 9:45am

First set of HCG Drops: 10 drops at 10:05am.

10:30am - Breakfast. A red delicious apple.  (90 calories)
+ A big glass of water.

Second set of HCG Drops: 2:15pm

2:55pm - Lunch.
100 grams grilled tilapia seasoned with half a lemon and Mrs. dash original blend seasoning. (About 96 calories)
10 smalled spears of baked asparagus, also seasoned with half a lemon and Mrs. Dash original blend seasoning. (26 calories)
Melba toast (60 calories)
+ 1 and a half big glasses of water.

6:05pm - Snack.
Six strawberries (24 calories)

Third set of HCG Drops: 6:55pm

7:15pm - Dinner.
Taco Salad:
Ground turkey [Approx 100g.. weighed it after cooking, and took a little less]  (120 calories)
2 cups lettuce (30 calories)
1 tomato (22 calories)
Melba toast (60 calories)
+ About 2 big glasses of water.

Total Calories: 528

I had 2 cups of lettuce with dinner thinking that I wouldn't make up my 500 calories, then I realized I wasn't counting in my Melba toast from lunch for 60 calories, so I would have been pretty much right on without the lettuce, but ah well. They say 500-530 calories a day anyway, right? I felt pretty good today. I was satisfied with what I ate and wasn't hungry through-out the day.

Oh, and I think I decided to go ahead and do the short round of Phase 2. Meaning, I will do the drops for 23 days, then stop taking them but continue doing the VLCD ("Very Low Calorie Diet") for 2 days, and then move on to Phase 3, which is introducing other foods back in, and allowing yourself up to 1,500 calories a day. If needed, I can start a 2nd short round of HCG 6 weeks afterwards, but I plan on being closer to goal and getting there the rest of the way by myself. :)


  1. Sounds like you have it all planned out good luck

  2. I know I am the supper obnoxious diet police!! but you are only supposed to have one melba toast-not the whole little packet, and turkey is off protocol and has caused problems for people. I feel like the first week you can get away with a lot but after that it all catches up with you.

  3. yeah its one piece of toast 20 calories or one grissini bread stick 15 calories.

  4. hmm I know I could never have 120 calories of toast and not be horribly over my calories.. where are you getting your counts from? I feel like they may be a little low...

  5. try http://cronometer.com/ remember to always weigh you meat before cooking. Cant wait to see how you do on your first day!!

  6. Sounds like your doing great girl.. but like G said.. you might be ok your first week, but I would really watch what your eating and try to stick with the protocol. I have read many places that turkey burger will actually cause stalls. Hate for that to happen to you.. and try not to mix your veges. just add more of one kind to your plate. I am so excited to follow you and see how your doing.

  7. I'm a little confused as to how much of the drops to take. My instructions say 2 strips in morning and 2 in evening. But this doesn't seem like enoug.