Weight Loss Goals

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Curse you, mexican restaurants!

I had a pretty shitty weekend as far as eating goes.
I ate out at least one meal a day EVERY DAY from Thursday night to tonight. Today, I ate half a chicken quesadilla + chips and salsa & a sweet tea at a mexican restaurant, THEN I had 2 pieces of greasy ass pepperoni pizza for dinner.

And that was just today.
I at least tried to eat decently healthy when I did go out to eat, but I still shouldn't have eaten out for 4 freaking days in a row.

Not to mention I drank Friday and Saturday nights. Whoa - Saying I got drunk Saturday is an UNDERstatement... that's all I can say. :P But I had a good time. We celebrated my friends birthday this weekend.


And no exercise this weekend either. So, one of my goals is broken - Only worked out 4 days out of the week instead of 5, however, those 4 days I worked out twice a day so I won't beat myself up so much about that part of it.

Getting my butt back into gear tomorrow, stat!

Hope everyone is doing well...


  1. As long as your butt is back in gear...you're good to go! Stay focused! Don't lose sight of your goals. Go! GO! GO!!

  2. your having a week like me lol its ok you will be fine and if something goes wrong and you happen to gain hey it will just push you more good luck