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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Log and question for HCGer's

Wake up time: 9:00am

10:20am - Breakfast. A bowl of Special K "Cinnamon pecan" cereal with half a banana in vitamin D milk. (Still out of almond milk.)

4:25pm - Lunch. 2 DELICIOUS ground turkey meatballs. Seasoned with half a packet of Lipton's onion soup mix, Mrs. Dash original seasoning, pepper, garlic powder, a little crushed up cheez-it's, a bit of bread crumbs and honey. Also drizzled some honey on top of the balls before baking them. Yum! (I originally got 3 of these, but 2 was plenty.)

Around  8-8:30pm - Dinner. I'm posting this early, because I'm eating dinner out tonight and it's already planned. I'm usually pretty good when I eat out, even at buffets, so I'm not too worried. Also, I plan on starting HCG this weekend, which means no more eating out for me at all for a while. Anyway, it's up to the guy I babysit for but I'm sure we'll either be going to Golden Corral (mixed food buffet) or a chinese buffet. Either way, I won't have anything fried, and I'll have a salad first, or atleast taking up half my plate. :P Oh, and water to drink, as always.

HCGer's... I plan on starting the diet Saturday, mainly so that Easter Sunday will be one of my loading days (woohoo) BUT I started my period (TMI) today. Is it okay to start HCG during my period, or is it like vital that I wait until after it? Thanks!

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  1. What type of HCG are you using? If you are using homeopathic then it doesn't make a difference, however I did stall for a week around my period. So emotionally it may be easier to wait because if you start the diet and don't see immediate results it will be easy to want to give up on it.