Weight Loss Goals

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wake up time: 9:00am

11:15am - Breakfast.
A bowl of Kellogg's special k  "Fruit & yogurt" cereal in almond milk.

2:10pm - Lunch.
2 chicken salad wraps (a can of white chicken with ranch dressing and sunflower seeds) on low-carb whole wheat flour tortilla's and some macaroni and cheese.

The macaroni was a no-no, but I was really craving it. I didn't get a whole lot, and I won't be having it again.. at least not for a while, but it was good, and I'm not gonna regret it.

5:50pm - Snack.
A peanut butter, banana & honey roll up. (On a low carb, whole wheat tortilla.)

7:20pm - Dinner.
1 1/2 steak with ranch dressing as the steak sauce and a baked potato with butter, cheese, Mrs. Dash table blend seasoning and ranch dressing.

10:30pm - Snack.
A few bites of low-fat cottage cheese. 
I originally got 1/2 cup but there was no way I could finish all of that.


  1. I love pb, honey, and banana rollups! So good and healthy!!!

  2. Its weird to see a regular log from you again lol Hope your enjoying your old but new diet :)

  3. Great job tracking your food today :)