Weight Loss Goals

Monday, May 9, 2011

Done with HCG (for now)

Well, I am off HCG and back to the way I was eating before. I've been off for about 3-4 days I guess, and I know I was still supposed to follow the 500 calorie diet for 2-3 days after the drops but of course I quit on a weekend and didn't get to follow it like I planned. Oh well. I am sure I gained some back. I weighed today and had gained most back and was only like 2 pounds under where I was before starting the drops. I am not logging that though, because I did have Mexican food last night and a big drinking night the night before, so I'm hoping it is a temporary gain.

Maybe some time in the future when I am in a stable place I will try it again. It was too time consuming and too much trouble for now. It was nice while it lasted, I guess, but I am kinda glad to be done with it.

I will continue with logging meals, and I know I haven't updated my weight-loss ticker in a while, so I will either update it tomorrow or wait until the weekend on my usual weigh-in day and log it then.

I hope every one had a wonderful weekend and a pleasant mother's day!

OH, and I am also down another pant size, and shirt size! This weekend I wanted a new outfit for a party I was going to. I bought a pair of Capri's, a pair of super-short shorts that I may never even wear but I felt confident that I fit into them and was like, I'm getting these! Lol. I also got a size LARGE shirt! What?! Omg! That's a size 12/14. I don't think I've ever, at least in the last 10 years, worn a shirt that size. It was so exhilarating. I've worn a size 2x for the last few years...so to get a shirt that the size didn't start with a number or an X was a really, really exciting feeling. :)


  1. wow congrats girly I also am down another pant size. Its is exciting. You are doing so good. Im proud of you and what you accomplished. keep it up!!

  2. Wonderful news on the size change! HCG is known to "reshape" your body so hopefully that was part of it and you got some benefit for all your hard work!

  3. Great news...moving down the sizes is sooo motivating.
    I think you made the right decision for you on the HCg
    Go for it own your own plan