Weight Loss Goals

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HCG Drops, Day 11 [R1P2D9]

Pounds Lost Today:  0.9  :(

Wake up time: 9:15

First set of HCG Drops: 9:55am

10:20am - Breakfast.
>>One granny smith apple. (80 calories)
+ Big glass of ice water.

Second set of HCG Drops: 12:30pm

- Lunch. Ground Turkey Patty & Cabbage.
>> 100g ground turkey (120 calories)
>> 2 cups boiled cabbage (44 calories) with half cup organic, no salt added diced tomatoes (25 calories)

4:45pm - Snack.
6 strawberries. (24 calories)

Third set of HCG Drops: 6:30pm

8:00pm - Dinner.
I had wings 'n more. Had a club wrap with a side salad and ranch. Yeah, it wasn't on protocol at all and I can't even tally up my calories for today. I'm thinking about not even weighing in the morning. Actually, I'm thinking about just weighing weekly again anyway... I think it's easier that way. I had some cashews when I got home too, blah!

My mood is not good and I just had something I was going to enjoy, but still tried to stay healthy, rather than just have  a plain old salad.

Total Calories BEFORE Dinner: 293

I am sucking at this HCG thing.
I know I have more motivation than this. I've been eating healthier for months... why does this seem so difficult? I think it's because I like to give -myself- restrictions...and I don't like counting calories and shit... it's just irritating. And I'm irritated today.

Here's hoping to a better rest of the week.


  1. I cheated bad but it was sooo good. Here's to hoping we have a better day tomorrow.

  2. Its not an easy diet to follow.. I didn't really count calories I just weighed my proteins.. I think that takes some of the stress out of it you know what you can have and what quantity you can have each day who cares if you your 490 or 510 for calories. I would still recommend weighing everyday so when your eating protocol you can see if your sensitive to anything- I found out I gained if I had two much beef. Plus seeing that 1 pound loss is the best motivation to keep it up! You are doing awesome, show this diet who is boss lol!

  3. Hey .9 is still a loss and not to far away from one pound be proud of that! Sticking to 500 calories is hard and counting calories in general your doing great though. You said you were going to try the diet and your trying it don't be so hard on yourself. If it isnt your cup of tea you always can go back. There is not lose in this its a win win situation. Good luck, Im here if you need anything!