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Monday, May 30, 2011

My plan fell through to log my meals this weekend, but I already knew it was going to be a non-stop busy weekend being it was memorial day weekend and I already had plans all day every day for those 3 days.

I did okay though. If anything, I probably didn't eat ENOUGH...but when I did, I was alright I think. I guess the scale will tell, lol.

Also, this week is my last week of babysitting. I was supposed to watch them Monday through Friday, but he ended up getting Monday off, so I didn't babysit, and then he was going to pick me up tonight to babysit tomorrow but had 2 tires fucked up on his truck, so he is just going to get me after work tomorrow night and I will watch them Wednesday through Friday. So, I went from 5 days down to 3...which is awesome, except that I was looking forward to that extra pay since it's going to be my last week babysitting. Oh well.

I hope everybody else is doing good and that Memorial day weekend didn't kick your butts!

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. I super indulged last night lol. I think I am going to have to eat salads for the rest of the week lol. Hope you had fun!!