Weight Loss Goals

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wake up time: 10:30am

11:40am - Breakfast.
Vanilla almond cereal w/ added pecans pieces and honey in almond milk.

3:30pm - Snack.
About 2 handfuls of whole grain cheez-it's while waiting on "lunch".

3:45pm - Lunch.
3 ground turkey meatballs.
+16oz water and 16oz Sugar-free strawberry, orange, banana drink.

8:00pm - Dinner.
Went to a BBQ place and had a side salad w/ ranch and most of a grilled chicken baked potato with everything but onions. + a diet coke to drink. (I always have water out so I went with something different.)

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  1. I had bbq chicken too lol Thanks for your comment earlier Its good to know I have someone willing to listen. Hope your day went well.