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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm alive, and I am back

I have been away a while, I know!

I've also been doing horribly as far as my diet goes.

I stopped babysitting, and I didn't think it would be so hard to eat healthy being at home, but it's harder than I thought. I live with my sister and her family, and what they buy/eat, is basically what I eat since I really don't have the money to buy my own food. They don't eat healthy, and most of the time eat out.

So, needless to say, I've been eating like shit, eating out, eating fried foods, not exercising worth a crap. I know I gained a few pounds back and I am JUMPING BACK ON THE WAGON before I gain it ALL back!!

So, I applied for food stamps and I got them. I went grocery shopping and got nothing but "healthy" foods. Last time, I completely cut out breads... so I'm gonna try now to have only whole wheat breads and see how I do.

I'll share my grocery list here so if anything sounds off or something just let me know! I don't know if I'll be updating daily like I used to but I would at least like to update again weekly... I've got to get myself in gear again! I totally let it all go and I feel like crap about it.

Here is my grocery list:

Bag of Boneless/skinless chicken breasts
2 rolls ground turkey
2 rolls taco seasoned ground turkey
Box of 6 ground turkey patties
4 ground turkey cutlets
Ground turkey hot dogs
chicken and Turkey sandwich meat
Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat hamburger and hot dog buns
Bag of Salad
Ranch dressing
Unsalted/Non-Shelled peanuts
Simply Jif peanut butter
Tortilla's (will get whole wheat later)

I've got to get a couple of Mrs.Dash seasonings and I should be good for a little while. :) The only "unhealthy" things I got were lunchables, cookies and some ice cream for my nieces. I didn't get ANYTHING unhealthy for me. Not even a "ohhh, well I will just have this every now and then" type of snack.  There are a few more items I need that aren't meal items but stuff to snack on, so if anybody has any good, healthy snack idea's (besides peanuts or peanut butter/banana/honey tortilla roll ups) Let me know! :)

Oh, and I want to send a big *HUG* to Kim. She constantly kept in contact trying to figure out what was going on with me, why I wasn't blogging and trying to motivate me. It helped, girl, thank you! I really appreciate it more than you know! I'm sorry I slipped up there but I am back in action!!


  1. Oh, man...this "off the wagon" stuff has been running rampant this summer! Trust me. I'm just hopping back on myself. You're not alone, kiddo! There are SO many of us out there who haven't been giving 100% recently.

    Glad you're back!!!

  2. wow I just typed this long comment and it disappeared somehow :( Anyway Thanks so much I was thinking I was just annoying the crap out of you lol Im overly happy I helped I didnt want to see someone who tried so hard and achieved so much just quit... or really I wasnt going to let you lol. As for snacks try chobani yogurt its good just make sure you stir it good so it wont be sour (my bf didnt do this idk why) and also try pop chips they are great and low in fat points for me etc. Now your grocery list since I am already annoying might as well lol. try to get just ground turkey and add your own taco mix ect. to it then freeze it same with patties mold your own and freeze when you buy them prepackaged they are usually high in salt and high and fat/calories. Just a thought but if you can avoid prepackaging by all means avoid it, it will either make you gain or make you bloat. I could keep going with options for you for snacks and food but this is already long enough. I hope you get back on track and everything goes well for you I dont blog as much either cuz no one reads it really so I will be on here but may not blog as much. I will try to get back and blog almost everyday again. If you need anything let me know, you have my email. GOOD LUCK AND IM GLAD YOUR BACK!!

  3. I agree that you should try to season your own meat. Usually high in salt and over seasoned. You can learn to like little bits of seasoning like Mrs. Dash and it will be better for you. As far as snacks I would say almonds, celery, and maybe try PB2 instead of PB. Good luck sweetie! Glad you are back!! You will get things in order and rock this soon enough!!

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